September Release, Recovery & Rebound


Release, Recovery and Rebound

Welcome to September, a 7 universal month (9+2+0+2+3 = 16(1+6) = 7 in a 7 universal year. Every September brings a double energy of the year. Numerology describes how sacred 7 seeks answers and offers us a deeper connection to spirituality and our divine nature. “7” is the most spiritual number due to its shape moving from horizontal slanting down to earth. All things rest under the number 7. This is a time to be still and know ourselves more deeply. With 6 planets in retrograde plus Chiron an asteroid known as the “wounded healer”, this is a perfect time to retreat a bit from the mundane world. Tune in and find what is right for you.  Know what is true for you before you move forward. 

Next year will be an “8” universal year for “Going Big”.  Enter the energy of your heart now to discern what is right for you before you take action. Virgo energy is all about your health and knowing about what is right for you. Regain what is healthy and sustaining for you. The energy of discernment is here all month. Go back and reassess with Mercury retrograde in Virgo this month and stop moving so fast.  Fix what is not working properly such as your communication. Figure out what you are preserving which is in actuality holding you back. Remaining small serves no one.

While September is a lull before the October eclipses, it is asking us to do a deep dive inside to answer some very important questions.  What are you ready to let go of now that is no longer a catalyst in your life or that you have outgrown? What feels heavy to you? Figure out what you are preserving that is in actuality holding you back.  Remaining small serves  no one. Next year we need to be ready to be bold, to express our uniqueness and to stand firmly in our knowing that we belong. Join in becoming part of the solution for a New Earth, a new way of living from the heart with kindness and consideration for humanity. There is no place for judgment any longer. The sooner we acknowledge that we are all connected as a part of one universal energy, the sooner we will move into a new paradigm of living.


The September Semi-Annual Psychic Wellness Fair is the perfect place for you to get some answers on September 9th. Whether you seek answers through a reading, a wellness consultation or healing treatment, come explore new modalities and meet our practitioners from 10 am to 4 pm.

Use the month of September to release old energy debris as you prepare to rebalance with the Fall Equinox on September 23rd.  Enjoy the sense of balance and harmony within you as we move into Libra for the end of September. You will feel more empowered to move forward in peace and harmony.  Come join  Scott Nelson’s drumming circle on Sunday the 24th at 1 pm to embrace being in harmony with Nature. 

Allow September to become your opportunity to rediscover your passion and what brings you joy.  Are you ready to live a more meaningful life?  What inspires you? Look at your interests from a higher perspective. What do you no longer resonate with and what re you ready to release? Are you looking to make new friendships with those of a similar vibration or consciousness? Recover and remember all the gifts you have received since a year ago in September. Honor the memories that felt good to you. Have gratitude for healing moments, elevating moments and lessons learned during this past year.  Allow your experiences to bring you wholeness and completion with the harvest full moon.

The last supermoon on September 28 will amplify your personal energy. Experience the power of vibrational healing with Lana Arus’s Sound Bath on the 28th at 7 pm.  Spaces are limited. So signup early.

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