Late-August Universal Law of Vibration

The Truth Behind

Magic and Manifestation

Vibration is at the core of all existence.  The answer to our health, our well-being or to our illness is vibrational frequency. Energy is defined through frequency. Everything in Nature has a frequency.  Your energy field carries your vibrational frequency which includes your thoughts, words, beliefs, feelings, emotions and actions.  Nature desires harmony. When we are in resonance with high vibrational frequencies we experience health. If we are in resistance, we experience contrasting vibrational relationships.  Where there is resistance there is dissonance, dis-ease and eventually illness if it is not resolved.

The Law of Vibration is a Universal Truth.
It is not a secret. 

Illness carries a low vibrational frequency.  It is an expression of an out-of-alignment vibration of contrasting vibrations.  Everything serves a purpose. Even unconfortable relationships have something to teach us. If we can raise our vibrational frequency  beyond the resistance of a contrasting alignment agreement, we will achieve a new understanding.  Therefore, there  will no longer be a need for resistance or suffering with old unfomcortable relationships.  We have created a new inner perspective that allows us to see ourselves and others with more love and compassion.

Can you influence your energy field?

 By embodying new beliefs based in love not fear, the old ones dissolve and you experience better health.  Answer these questions:

     How do you see yourself?
How do you see others?
How do you see the world seeing you? 

Changing your perspective can involve forgiveness of yourself and others, finding compassion, honor and respect for  differences. Learn to view a situation from a more neutral or detached perspective and you will be able to remove the triggering emotions.  When you shift your thoughts, your frequency will rise because you have created a new vibrational alignment.  As a result,  you can now realize  a new level of resonance.

Sound Healing

Sound healing, Reiki or Shamanic healing and BEMER Therapy are three vibrational healing techniques offered at Balancing 4 Life. Each of these modalities allows a person to passively receive energy that will uplift their vibrational frequency without any effort. Relax and allow yourself to feel the vibrational energy. You will feel energy moving in your body like magic. Attend our monthly Sound Bath, drumming circles or come to the upcoming semi-annual Psychic Fair on September 9th to experience vibrational healing for yourself.

 Manifestation is the appearance
of vibration in form.  

Manifestation is the directing of vibrational frequencies into form either consciously or unconsciously. While it may seem like magic, we have the ability to change our reality using our consciousness.  Today scientific research is validating the power of our consciousness through intention.  We have the creative power to create the reality we desire for health, relationships, a new job or home, etc. Through clear, specific intentions we communicate an energetic frequency to the Universe of our thoughts and feelings to create a new reality.  It requires a coherence of heart and mind. Everyone can learn to do this. The new Magic of Intention Group program based on the work of Lynne McTaggart, auther of “the Intention Experiment” and “The Power of Eight” will show you how l you can become a powerful manifestor.  Learn to create intentions with the support of a group that will give you the tools to direct your energy for manifesting greater health and happiness in your life.

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