Mid-August Summer Reflections & Transformative Healing

Summer Reflections

and Transformative Healing

contemplating the future

During these last days of summer the energies of celestial alignments, planetary shifts and a full moon combine to offer us individually and collectively time to reflect on our relationships, awaken to new truths and to take action for positive change. Take these last days to ponder what relationships you want to keep. Identify the ones that support you and bring you joy.  The energy is ripe for reflection and adaptability with 5 planets in mutable signs. Retrograde planets Venus, Mercury and soon Uranus help us connect more deeply with self-love and the truth of who we are.  

Piscean energy with the coming 2nd Super Full Moon of the month on August 30th brings an opportunity for reflection, silence, caring and compassion. August and September events listed below offer you opportunities to reflect and use group energy to help you release old relationships, limiting beliefs and open to allow change and higher vibrational relationships to emerge in your life.
No more holding yourself back!

There is nothing, nothing in this world that has to change
or die or give you permission
before you can create You and what you want.

Dee Wallace. actress, author, healer, channeler

Special programs including the Magic of Intention Weekly Series and the Semi-Annual Psychic Wellness Fair are great ways to create and restore your health and wellness in September.  Click for further details to find your best path for 2024 and beyond.

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