Mid-July Body Talk for your cells!

Your Cells are listening 24/7!

Did you know that your thoughts, words, and actions all emit energy?  The trillions of cells in your body respond to the energy you are broadcasting every moment.  Mindfulness is essential to maintain a loving attitude towards ourselves and to avoid judgmental thinking of ourselves and others.

What you think, say, and do makes a huge difference in your health and well-being! Have you ever talked to yourself in the mirror? Give yourself some love and smile at yourself in the mirror. Be kind to yourself. Be grateful for how hard your body is working to keep you going.

IMPORTANT BODY TALK: If you are facing a challenging medical procedure or medical treatment this summer, talk to your body! First, tell your body. “I Love You!”.  Give your body instructions.  Tell your body that they are going to receive a “Benevolent Intervention” to improve your health. Tell your body not to resist the treatment/procedure because it is benevolent and will help the body heal.  For treatments, instruct the body to use the medicine that helps the most and release the rest. And, very importantly, envision your health restored with joy and elation!  This is directing your energy in the most positive way possible.

Balancing 4 Life offers opportunities for a community where you can resonate with other heart-minded individuals. Community events include: Energy management workshop on boundaries and grounding – 7/22; Drumming circle for adults and families – 7/23; Stargate Circle global meditation – 7/30; New Sound Bath with Lana Arus for adults and teenagers – 8/1; BEMER Wellness Day – 8/19 Free Demos and presentation.

See you soon.

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