June – Discover the Magic of Your Soul

Energy is the Song of Your Soul

Welcoming June and Summer!
Greetings everyone. The energies of June and summer bring opportunities for exploring new ways of becoming more of our authentic selves. Enjoy playing with new activities that support a fuller expression of you. Reclaim parts of yourself that are not afraid to be powerful. Use this summer to know your worth and follow your North Star.  It’s time to reignite the power inside you!

Strong spiritual urges will encourage you to reconnect with your soul. This is a time of expansion and growth after a very heavy, intense spring equinox, eclipse season, and Mercury retrograde. Every human being was upgraded with new light codes, with no exceptions.  Consider journaling several times a week to consciously get in touch with your higher self.  Ask this question:

What does my higher self want me to know?

Everyone can do this. It just takes practice. You may only receive loving messages at first to help you open to higher frequencies. Accepting unconditional love is an important part of your connection.  As you continue to practice, you will find you will be raising your vibration as you engage in regular connection with your higher self. You are reconnecting with your multi-dimensional self.

As we are becoming New Humans in this rapidly changing energy, we have no idea where we will end up. We just know that there is no going back to the past. The June 21st Summer Solstice in Cancer will provide a big jump in energy for humanity. It is a pivot point for everyone to choose their path. Will you choose to remain with the old hierarchy, a patriarchal path of status quo control and power, or move towards a heart-based lifestyle of sovereignty and responsibility that upholds equality, fairness, and humanitarianism at its core?  If you let go of the past, you trust that the unknown future will bring more harmony and peace.

Unknowns are a natural part of life and a function of linear time. The future has infinite potential for what you can create rather than resting on the known past out of the fearful uneasiness of your ego. While we often classify love as the opposite of fear, love is so much more.  Opposites are a part of our learning experience in duality, and we can use them to our advantage to make new, higher choices.

Our brains are in duality with two hemispheres, male and female sides of the body. The intelligence of our hearts, however, is one. Our connection to the Divine or Spirit is through our hearts. We have free choice on whether we will be swayed by duality or listen to our intuition and follow our heart and gut feelings. I invite you to grow into becoming more of your unique soul expression this summer by engaging in activities and attending events that will raise your vibration.  Planetary alignments are encouraging more people to demand the truth.  New perspectives will arise quickly after the 11th of June as Mercury and Uranus are speeding through Gemini. You are being encouraged to embrace your passion.

Allow unknowns and opposites to be a catalyst for you to harness your creative potential for the future. You are being called to consciously become more of your soul-self on the planet – a light-filled, connected human being who enjoys what is here right now. As you open your mind to a more non-linear flow of energy, you honor the subtle energies of your heart and your Divine nature.

 What new potentials can you open your mind to this summer?

Everything that manifests in the 3-D world is born from higher dimensional energy as its foundation. Trust in the invisible energy that is building right now.  As astrologer, Pam Gregory states, “We are forming new pathways of consciousness and light. This will form the energetic architecture of light… that others can follow”. I invite you to be a part of the leading edge of spiritual growth and expanded consciousness through the offerings at B4Life.  Get a reading  or try a past life regression session with Jessica Lawrence.   Experience drumming with Scott Nelson, learn Jikiden Reiki this summer, try a BEMER session, discover how to ground your energy and create healthy boundaries. So many opportunities to expand, raise your vibration and discover new levels of health and wellness!  See you soon.

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