January: A Transformational Leap for Humanity

A Transformational Leap for Humanity

There is much to be optimistic about for 2023.  The Universe speaks in symbols of potentiality through planetary alignments and we have only to read the “ tea leaves” to discover an overwhelming potential for a transformative leap for humanity.  Numerology, astrology, Tarot, show us what is moving and the potentials available for immense change.

Consciousness has been rising on the planet for several years.  Following the shift of 12/21/2012, the subsequent years of reorganization and breakdown of old paradigms we entered a global lockdown.  With a slow recovery through 2022, humanity is now finally poised for significant forward momentum in 2023.  Social change is coming. The world will appear very different by the end of 2023 than on January 1st.

What do you want to create in 2023? 
What positive change would you like to bring in 2023? The energy of 2023 is about opening to your authenticity and will propel you to initiate living your soul’s purpose. It is time to become the creator of your unique expression and radiate your highest frequency for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

This is the moment you signed up for when you incarnated on Earth.  You asked to be here for the transition of the ages. Out of millions of souls standing in line, you were chosen as one of the most courageous souls to bring your light to Earth to assist in this transformative leap of humanity into a new age of enlightenment. You are extraordinary and you are needed now.

On the Winter Solstice, the planet Jupiter, the great benefactor, moved into zero degrees of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, signaling a new beginning.  It is time for us to consciously choose love and joy in everything we do rather than fear and suffering. By making the conscious decision to create more joy in our lives, we can experience a fundamental change in values from territorial materialism to decentralization through global community collaboration and oneness.

The last days of December and the beginning of January give an opportunity for final reflection as Mercury, a planet representing communication, has stationed retrograde. Its close proximity to Venus, a symbol of the heart, offers a tight aspect of these two planets symbolizing the integration of heart and mind necessary to propel our awakening process.

Integrity will continue to play a large role in 2023 particularly for those seeking public office. We are weaving the foundation for a New Earth.  It is our inner reality that informs our outer reality.  Living in gratitude will raise your frequency and change the subsequent reality that will unfold for you.  The more you can embody your high heart of love energy, the more you will transcend the fear-based survival energies of the lower ego.  Everyone benefits including the planet and the mass collective when we become a protector of love and joy.  Be an ambassador of love, justice and freedom in 2023 and you will help create a new level of heart energy of harmonic connection for the planet.

Where is your focus?
Love is a connective force that is contagious.  If you are stuck in only seeing depression, grief or suffering, that is what you will create more of.  Everyone has the ability to create a new timeline for themselves in 2023 and break free from the spell of disconnection.  Speak your heartfelt truth. Unhook yourself from stories being replayed over lifetimes or from your childhood.  The inner world is yours and yours alone. YOU are the powerful creator of your life.  Don’t leave it up to chance. Wisdom wins in the new consciousness.  As we develop discernment of energies (reactive vs. responsive), we will create a new level of true balance in our lives and the world.

2023 is a “7” universal year of spirituality and soul growth. Take a wide view initially while Mercury remains in retrograde. You may feel more ready to move forward after January 12 as Mars, the planet of action, stations direct leading into the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit on January 22nd.  The rabbit is symbolic of the transformational leaps and waves we will feel in 2023. As we move towards the Spring Equinox let your dreams soar to manifest your best life. Your heart energy is your fuel for manifesting positive changes for an authentic soul life.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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