December is bringing forward momentum that will propel us rapidly into 2023. There is space from the dismantling of old energy over the last several years to create open space for high transformation to come into alignment with a true nature and our heart's desires. Taking time now to plant seeds for the future you want to create in 2023 is essential. consciously create powerful intentions using your heart energy to fuel a more fulfilling and joyful year ahead.


December: Finding Balance and Planting Seeds

Transformational Leap and Forward Momentum

December heralds a season of lights, gratitude and giving as hearts open to love and compassion.  As each year enters its final weeks, we often feel exhausted by the challenges we have endured. We reflect on highlights of the year and look with anticipation towards a brighter year ahead.  Numerologically, this December 2022 is a “9” universal month (1+2+2+0+2+2= 9).  “9” stands for completion, fulfilment, and endings.  Indeed, there are many endings that can be celebrated. The release of Britney Griner from a Russian penial colony and the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act by Congress are both humanitarian acts of the heart.

 Heart energy is rising as we move closer to 2023. We are in the middle of a 20 year cycle of transition on this Winter Solstice.  10 years from 12/21/2012-12/21/22 of systemic and individual purging of the old paradigm and limiting beliefs that have kept humanity from evolving. Now we are ready to create a new foundation collectively and individually for a new world where trust is allowed to return and the balance of masculine and feminine energies has been restored. As this occurs, we will witness a generational changing of the guard of leadership worldwide. Inventions in technology, engineering and medicine will reshape the world over the next 10 years.

 A civilization shift is occurring as most people desire to live in peace, to not be controlled by total government lockdowns as in China this fall or to gain more personal freedoms as in Iran where protests continue over the crimes of the Islamic Republic.  The bravery of the Ukrainian people has sparked an awakening of the insane cruelties of war.  Americans understand better today than ever before the fragile nature of democracy.  The worldwide pandemic has gifted everyone the opportunity to reassess their lives and to gain clarity to create a different future.

 Forward momentum will come from the December 12th (12-12) massive portal of cosmic light along with the planet Jupiter entering Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, on the Winter Solstice. Jupiter, our largest planet, symbolizes abundance, generosity, and success.  It will magnify the Aries spiritual warrior energy to blaze forward.  Mercury’s last retrograde from Dec. 28 – Jan. 18 gives everyone the perfect pause through the New Year.  Connect with your inner truth, your innate abilities and your heart’s desires.

 Use the last weeks of December to create a more balanced lifestyle for yourself in 2023 with good boundaries and rest periods to recharge and enjoy a vacation Now is the time to lay a foundation for 2023 and plant seeds for what you would like to create next year.  Decide what seeds you are sowing for your future. Will you create space in your schedule for some internal quiet, self-inquiry and self-love?  Change always begins on the inside.  Consciously create some powerful intentions around what you want for yourself.  Use your heart to feel the reality of that intention as if it already realized.  Heart Magic is the fuel that propels your intentions into manifestation.  The outer world will fall into alignment with your strongest inner intentions.

 The first few months of 2023 will bring an energetic leap.  This is a leap of transformation to connect with who you truly are and to make thoughtful decisions about your future.  2023 brings new energy as a Universal “7” year of soul spirituality helping us to align with our soul’s talents, our life purpose and our joy. What lights you up?  When you create joy for yourself, you are able to generate it for others because it will be in your energy field.  Remember that you create the future with your thoughts in the present moment. The power of the present moment is the source of creation for the future.

 Have a beautiful December and a Joyful New Year!