October- Elevating Heart energy in turbulent times. With the upcoming clash between the old paradigm of status quo and structure and new paradigms supporting individual freedoms and equality, it is important to raise your heart consciousness and hold your center with gratitude, love, joy, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. Your heart will always tell you the truth.


October – Elevating Heart Energy in Turbulent Times

A Year of Soul Re-Connection

Your Inner Child
Holds the Beauty of Your Soul

Free the beauty of your soul’s light and creativity.  Years of unconscious habits and patterns can end when we raise our awareness of past judgments and fear.

Awareness is your Super Power!

When you notice your beliefs, emotions and feelings you gain awareness of old programming. Awareness is the precursor to change.  Tell your “Inner Child” the following:

– NO permission is required to be yourself.
-YOU were born worthy.
-Your LIGHT is a unique gift to the world.
-There is NO separation from Spirit.
Everything is sacred! You are part of the One Energy.

LOVE the INNER YOU – the most precious part of you!

Freedom arises as soon as you accept that you have the
right to be YOU!  No more judgment.  Celebrate your uniqueness. You will experience a subtle inner happiness radiating from your heart as your Inner Child feels the density of fear dissolving away.

Love the Light that you are.  You will feel more at “home” in your body because you are no longer judging yourself or feeling as if you need to live up to some standard or to play small to avoid recrimination.  Give yourself permission to joyfully be you.

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It all begins in the present moment with your awareness and perception of your Inner Child’s experience and rediscovering the beauty of your Soul!

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Heart hands

Welcome to October! 

As I write this from Vermont, autumn colors are just beginning to unveil the brilliant colors we all anticipate.  Summer rains here have delayed Nature’s spectacular annual show. 

Much as changed since September as we have witnessed the end of an era in England and the massive destruction of hurricane Ian. Consider hurricane Ian to be a physical manifestation of the upcoming collision between old and new paradigms that will be observed on the world stage this fall.  Heartbreak and catastrophes are heart opening events which provide an opportunity for shifts in consciousness on a world scale. 

It’s time to buckle your seatbelts for an energetic clash as old paradigm energies of hierarchical structure and the emerging new energies unity and equanimity come head to head in October and early November. While there will be other conflicts, any astrologer will tell you that the 2022 fall energies are massive as Saturn energies of status quo and structure square with the revolutionary, freedom and equality energies of Uranus. Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, has moved into her heart. How long this transition will take is up to humanity. Our ability to resolve this conflict is up to us.  

Heart consciousness has been slowing rising in humanity since 2000 awakening hundreds of thousands of souls with  increasing speed. You and I have an essential role to play by supporting the realization of Truth and embodying heart consciousness.  This is a global endeavor encompassing three generations working to usher in the 21st century.  Our role is to help lay the foundations of what will become a higher level of heart consciousness on the planet for the coming age.

Headlines involving the January 6th commission hearing will now occur in October. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is moving swiftly to attempt to annex parts of Ukraine. Pre-election campaigning now intensifies for the US midterm elections on Nov. 8th.
As all of these frenzied energies swirl in our outer world, it is vital for us to remain centered and grounded. As we enter eclipse season with a solar eclipse on October 25th, energetic changes made now will be permanent. The arc of influence of eclipses is 1000 times more powerful than a regular new or full moon. The lunar eclipse will occur on November 8th, Election Day.

Your responsibility is to manage your personal energy to the best of your ability by staying heart centered in gratitude, love, joy, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. When we allow outer world events to pull us off center with fear-based controlling agendas, our vibration is lowered. When you are feeling bombarded by the news, work, or personal issues, take time to drop onto your heart. Your heart will always tell you the truth.

Listen to your intuition. While the mind and your ego are biased in favor of self-serving agendas, your heart will never lie to you. So, pause. Close your eyes. Take 3 or more slow, deep breaths connecting with your body and your heart. The breath is the simplest and most powerful tool we have to shift our consciousness and it will always help us raise our vibration.

Are you willing to be a custodian for heart energy? Can you hold a vibration of gratitude? Your energy will uplift all others who pass through your energy field. The return of heart consciousness energy in men and women will expand the rewiring of connection heart to heart in the decades to come. Your heart is the home of your divine intelligence. Reconnect to your heart consciousness and spirit daily and whenever you feel imbalanced. Share your heart energy to help someone else to help them find or recover their heart.

Reiki, sound healing, meditation, breathwork, automatic writing, walking in nature, dancing, engaging in creative arts and listening to beautiful music all contribute to heat energy and will raise your vibration.  Consider learning Reiki this month for yourself and being able to share it with others.  Attend the upcoming sound healing and meditation this month. Be in your heart as much as you can and you will be doing a great service for humanity.

Have a beautiful month and enjoy the fall colors.