Humanity’s Chrysalis- July’s Waves of Transformation

A Year of Soul Re-Connection

Your Inner Child
Holds the Beauty of Your Soul

Free the beauty of your soul’s light and creativity.  Years of unconscious habits and patterns can end when we raise our awareness of past judgments and fear.

Awareness is your Super Power!

When you notice your beliefs, emotions and feelings you gain awareness of old programming. Awareness is the precursor to change.  Tell your “Inner Child” the following:

– NO permission is required to be yourself.
-YOU were born worthy.
-Your LIGHT is a unique gift to the world.
-There is NO separation from Spirit.
Everything is sacred! You are part of the One Energy.

LOVE the INNER YOU – the most precious part of you!

Freedom arises as soon as you accept that you have the
right to be YOU!  No more judgment.  Celebrate your uniqueness. You will experience a subtle inner happiness radiating from your heart as your Inner Child feels the density of fear dissolving away.

Love the Light that you are.  You will feel more at “home” in your body because you are no longer judging yourself or feeling as if you need to live up to some standard or to play small to avoid recrimination.  Give yourself permission to joyfully be you.

Achieve a new, higher level of being and inner peace with new  Balancing 4 Life programs to help you shift your vibration to a new level of empowered living.  Align with more of your Soul Self.  Come to an understanding of the energy of your relationships, past and present and welcome opportunities to create a new reality – your future.

It all begins in the present moment with your awareness and perception of your Inner Child’s experience and rediscovering the beauty of your Soul!

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Summer has always been a great time for vacations.  Travel this summer can be challenging with high gas prices and many airline flight delays or cancellations.  However, don’t let fear distract you from your plans.  Leave early or late to avoid traffic or cancellations.  Be powerful and consciously create a great trip experience by projecting into the future with heart feeling the ease you will have travelling.  You create your future in this moment of now.  So, think forward and have a great summer!

It is impossible to ignore the dramatic changes that have taken place since the Summer Solstice.  There has been an enormous loss of public trust in political and judicial systems occurring on both sides of the Atlantic. While new gun legislation has been passed by Congress, the system is still failing communities and those individuals with mental health problems.  Systems serving the highest good of all will survive. 

Many believe that the US Constitution was divinely inspired as The Founders tapped into the energy of the Universe (highest definition of God as all energy) as they created the Constitution.  Anything that takes away the choice of an individual “to Be” is not representing the ultimate message of love.  We were given “Free Will” so that we could learn to create with energy. The highest message of the Constitution is to allow all individuals the opportunity to pursue happiness.  Without choice, creation is limited. It is important to safeguard our ability to express our individualization of who we truly are and to have the freedom to create our highest expression. In the next 2 years we will see new faces emerging for future leadership.  Discerning good character, authenticity and integrity of those who will be running for office is vital. The quality of future leadership depends on your vote.

We are living through a decade of change leading up to 2024 when we will begin to see a light shining on a potential future.  Our ability to remain centered, to monitor the amount of news/drama we take in from the outside world will be essential to overcome the level of fear now present on the planet. Fear is man-made.  There is an infinite amount of energy available through our hearts with love to create the reality we desire for ourselves, our families, our community, our country and the world.

Butterfly chrysalis

July is a month for creativity.  Let July be your month to make time for reconnecting with your inner light and joy which are the source of your creative abilities.  Answer the call to turn inward and find time for peace and calm.  When you gift yourself this time, you acquire inner strength, courage and resolve to move forward. I have found the Reiki principles (the Gokai) which I teach in Shoden this month (7/16-17) to be my heart touchstone to live powerfully in my heart with integrity, gratitude and compassion for myself and others.  As we celebrate Reiki’s 100th birthday this year, I marvel at the wisdom of the founder, Mikao Usui, who created these universal principles for everyone.  

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Begin to direct your day consciously as to how you want your day to unfold rather than to be at the mercy of the flow of the outside world.  Creation begins within.  Creating from love and joy is easeful when you begin in your heart.  Feeling is the key.  Consciously focus on what you want to create with your heart. Imagine how it will feel to have what you desire.  Send this energy out everyday. This is called “Empowered Living”.  Save the last 2 Sundays of July to learn invaluable tools to claim your ability as a powerful co-creator.

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Do you remember reading the children’s book by Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Humanity has been the very hungry caterpillar for decades, centuries and longer leading up to now.  The pandemic brought our fast paced living and consuming to a halt. Now as we reexamine who we are and where we want to be, we are in a chrysalis, not knowing what we will become, but knowing that the way we have been no longer works. I am sure the caterpillar had no idea what a butterfly was.  None of us know what the world will look like in 3 years or even 10 from now.  But while we are in this chrysalis phase, we each have tremendous power to direct our energy to create a beautiful future reality.  Begin with love and “Feel” the change in your heart that you want to create.  Then,  you will become the change you want to witness.  Ride the wave of transformation.