Moving into Your Heart Space

Greetings Everyone,

June has ushered in many powerful energy waves with the lunar cycles, portals and the summer solstice on June 21st which are a prelude to a powerful eclipse season beginning on Juy 2nd. You may feel extremely tired at different times this month with the new moon and full moon. I encourage you to listen to your body and rest more, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and be mindful of the energy of the environments you find yourself immersed. June continues to provide opportunities for us to recalibrate to a more authentic version of ourselves.

Humanity is slowly moving as a collective away from a solar plexus ego power driven paradigm to a heart-based energy paradigm. We are leaving the desires directing us to pursue goals based on the love of power for more internal peace of the power of love within the heart. As we shift into the heart, our focus becomes service for others, taking spiritual responsibility and leaving behind the old energy of blame and victimhood.

Moving into our heart space is a huge shift in consciousness and provides us with the awareness of a greater knowing of ourselves. With this knowing, we can define clear boundaries for ourselves to maintain our spiritual integrity and not get swept away by the ego driven desires or demands of others. Anchoring our energy in our hearts and responding to the world with loving energy, we take responsibility for self mastery and our own energy management.

Compassionate self-care is a hallmark of Reiki. Through the 5 principles of Reiki everyone learns to embrace the peace and power of living in the present moment. You learn that you have a choice in each moment to be victimized or empowered by your willingness to accept or reject your spiritual responsibility. Ask “What would love do?” to guide you in your decisions today. Embracing the challenge of responsibility, we open a portal to positive growth and change powered by love.

By Anne H. Bentzen, RMT