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Welcome to Balancing 4 Life

Your jouney to better health and well being begins here. 

Emotional stress creates imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects in the body which can remain in our biology for years.  Discover natural healing alternatives that will facilitate your body’s ability to heal and restore inner harmony. Stress is a leading cause of most diseases and illnesses.  Physical symptoms are often the result of mental and emotional distress.  Listen to your body. Rebalance your natural energy flow to restore your vitality, health and wellness.

What are your issues?

  • Pain and inflammation                       
  • Post-surgical healing
  • Arthritis, migraines, insomnia
  • Poor immunity
  • Balance and tremor issues
  • Side effects from medications
  • Mental/emotional imbalance with anxiety or depression, PTSD,  grief
  • Fertility issues or desire for a more easeful pregnancy and childbirth experience? 
REiki Seminar Treatments

July 16th 7-9 pm

Balancing 4 Life, LLC  

25 Broadway, Suite 101, 2nd Fl.

Pleasantville, NY 10570

 Medicine Wheel Teachings

Learn the Medicine Wheel, a holistic worldview and guiding principles for living in balance and harmony as taught by the Anishinaabe Nation by Scott Nelson, Spirit Keeper Brother.  It provides a framework form understanding your personal journey and the cycles of life.

Shihankaku Anne Bentzen Jikiden Reiki Institute - Balancing 4 Life provides energetic healing solutions in Westchester NY

Complementary Energetic Counseling

Complementary energetic counseling is provided with every private Reiki session to support your ability to understand where you have energetic imbalances and how take responsibility for the energy you broadcast to the Universe. Are you an empath? Are you extremely sensitive to energies around you?  Learn to discern what energy is yours and what is not your energy.  Learn strageties to shift your thinking in order to create a more positive future. and to keep your vibrational frequency higher.

Anne Bentzen, Owner Balancing 4 Life, LLC   Jikiden Reiki teacher, practitioner, energetic counselor and transformational healer

BEMER Therapy - Free Trials July 24th 2-6 pm

Balancing 4 Life is also an independent BEMER distributor center offering BEMER treatment sessions for physical vascular care to improve your health and wellness.  As an FDA registered medical device, BEMER provides a cascade of health benefits for all ages. Join us at an upcoming BEMER WELLNES Day to learn more and have a free deomnstration. Last chance to purchase before a global price increase occurs this summer!!

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Anne Bentzen, Owner

   Your Independent BEMER distributor

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What is Jikiden?

The word “Jikiden” means “directly passed down, not altered” in Japanese. Jikiden Reiki is authentic Japanese Reiki that has not been modified by other cultures or healing methods

Jikiden Reiki teacher, practitioner, energetic counselor and transformational healer - Pleasantville NY


Reiki is easy for anyone to learn. Both the receiver and giver benefit from the channeling of healing energy. The training process of Jikiden Reiki is always taught in person and never online.  Reiki is “compassion in action” – for your self and others. Classes are available several times a year.

I would highly recommend this training for personal and possibly working in the teaching realm of alternative or complementary medicines. Anne Bentzen is an inspiration.

Y. Ramirez

I appreciate that Anne wants everyone to feel comfortable giving Reiki to self and others. She is patient and teaches her students to be patient.  She definitely embodies Reiki.  Thank you.”

H. Perlow


Discover the World of Reiki

Reiki is a powerful yet simple Japanese intuitive healing art of hands-on healing to relieve stress. This method rebalances your health, supports your well-being primarily through physical treatment as it promotes your spiritual growth to take responsibility for directing your thoughts and emotions.

Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki  follows the original teachings of Reiki prior to WWII. The curriculum is based on the original seminars given by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi sensei in 1938 to Chiyoko Yamaguchi, then 17, who learned Reiki and continued to practice Reiki for 65 years


Today Jikiden Reiki is taught worldwide. Shoden is taught by Anne Bentzen, an authorized Shihankaku teacher with the Jikiden Reiki Institute of Kyoto, Japan since 2019.  As an intuitive healing art, students will develop the ability to follow and channel Reiki with their hands for self-care and/or to help friends and family.

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Discover the "Gokai"

5 Reiki Principles of Spiritual Medicine

Learn to live in the present moment without anger or worry. Move the energy of your thoughts to your heart space to improve your health and well-being.

 Are you ready to let go and embrace a new level of freedom? 

It's time for a change!!