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 Balancing 4 Life offers complementary therapy using Reiki, crystal healing and Bach Flower essences to rebalance subtle energies vital to your health.  Restoring the flow of life force energy enhances traditional medicine outcomes. Discover drug-free relief from stress, inflammation, pain while stimulating your immune system at the cellular level.   Balance your life force energy for optimal health and well-being.



18th Awaken Wellness Fair

New Date!!

Sun., July 26th, 2020


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tarrytown

455 S Broadway, Tarrytown, NY

Hours 10 - 5 pm
Enjoy this best-loved body, mind, spirit holistic fair with amazing exhibitors, speakers, healers, vendors and readers.  Awaken to your best self!
Register in Advance - Get a Discount before April 18th!
 Pre-Book Appointments at a discount NOW! 
Don't wait. Reserve the time slot you want. I will get closed out.
Register in advance: $35 for 15 min. or $60 for 30 min. sessions

SUCCESS: Reiki Open House Hosts 20

Sat. Jan. 25th 

Holmes Camp & Retreat Ctr.  

Much gratitude to all students and public who attended the

first Reiki Open House of 2020!!  

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Balancing 4 Life provides energetic healing solutions to support your total well-being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Over 90% of today's illnesses and diseases are the result of prolonged exposure to stress. Your body is a mirror of your emotional well-being. Your body is intelligent! It's time to listen to your body and improve your overall well-being by removing the physical, mental and emotional effects of daily stress which stagnate the flow of life force energy in your body before before it manifests as physical symptoms.


Pain, illness and/or dis-ease are physical indications of an energetic imbalance. This imbalance is caused by experiences, thoughts and limiting beliefs which remain held within our bodies as a negative charge. When you treat the imbalance in the energy field, you release the negative charge.  Physical symptoms will clear naturally because you are restoring the subtle, natural flow of life force energy to the affected areas. Energy healing is paramount to physical health!​

The Reiki Principles offer  
a doorway to health and wellness through which you can learn to live in peace with gratitude, integrity, love and compassion.


Balancing 4 Life guides you to focus on the Light that you are within.  Energy is neither good or bad.  It just is. The polarity of the 3D world creates judgments, categorizes and names everything.  In truth, all living things are composed of energy in the form of Light.  In the new paradigm of healing, we align with the Light that we already are.

The Universe reflects like a mirror whatever is in our consciousness.  No longer do we protect ourselves from "darkness or negative energy". Instead we claim our powerful presence as Beings of Light whose essence is divine and eternal.  When you consciously declare all that you are, you raise your vibrational frequency.  Moving into a higher vibration of consciousness you align with truth, acceptance,  peace, harmony and your authentic nature. All choices are now made from love by living from your heart center.


Reiki is a powerful yet simple Japanese intuitive healing art of hands-on healing. 

It is easy for anyone to learn. Both the receiver and giver benefit from the channeling of healing energy.  The attunement process differentiates Reiki from all other forms of hands-on healing.


Anne Houston Bentzen



       Healing Session Locations

Armonk - Main Office

Private healing room.  Call for details.  

Scarsdale Dentistry Spa and Wellness

700 White Plains Rd., Suite 20
Scarsdale, NY  10583



Integrative Med Solutions266 White Plains Post Rd. Suite B-1
Eastchester, NY 10709


​   ​  

Reiki Class Locations-Westchester

In Your Home (Per Requests)

Pre-Registration required​.  Early Bird Pricing available as listed.  Class payments are preferred in advance by check.  No Refunds. Credit is given towards future classes.

 Healing Session Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.   Please be courteous.  Thank you.



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