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An Invitation to Wellness
Balance to Heal Stress

Energy Healing Sessions: 
​Adults:  90 min. first appointment and consultation                                                $175.00                                                                          
            60 min session - all subsequent sessions                                                   $130.00
            30 min session                                                                                         $75.00

Special Three Session package available (Buy 3 1 hr. sessions & save $50.00)     $330.00
   The Reiki package is excellent for those clients experiencing any health crisis, 
require pain management or are under emotional distress.

Children 12 and under: 1st appointment  1 hour                                                       $80.00
  Subsequent sessions: 30 minutes                                                                          $50.00

Distance Reiki includes initial consultation. (Prepayment)                                          $40.00

Healing Attunement & 60 min Reiki Session 
  A 30 minute attunement session brings in high frequency healing  
  energies which are more powerful than during a regular Reiki session. 
  It is highly effective in removing negative energies and can also be 
  used to empower goals or receive insight about a goal or plan. The 
  Healing Attunement is given in conjunction with a regular 60 minute 
  Reiki session. This attunement does not initiate a client into Reiki.                            $200.00

Gift Certificates available for 1 hr. treatments or healing attunement sessions.  

   Thank you, Anne, for the gift of Reiki. Each healing session has resulted in a new level of well-being and spiritual awareness. My first session released long-suppressed emotions and healed my gall bladder pain. Another session awakened a formerly-unimagined, pervasive sense of joy. It strengthened my sense of connection with everyone and everything. Yet another gave me the realization that I had never fully committed to life in this world and helped me to finally feel grounded. Thank you for your insights and your skillful, intuitive healing. 
 G. Christie
Package Rates Available for Treatment Series:
Energy healing  is most beneficial when given as a series of treatments to help the body raise its core vibrational frequency and restore energetic flow to areas where energy has become stagnated and toxic.
Reiki Certificate Classes (Usui Shiki Ryoho) 

  Reiki Level One*:  February 2018
  1 or 2 day course: 8 hour course: includes manual, 4 attunements                $200.00
​   Foundation class for all Reiki practitioners. learn to channel Reiki for yourself, 
   family, friends, pets and more.   Flexibility is available for some weekdays and 

  Reiki Level Two*:  March 2018
    8 hour courses.  Prerequisite Reiki 1                                                                $300.00
Two day intensive learning Reiki symbols includes manual and certificate
 2018  33 hour Reiki Master Class:  Registration open NOW            $700.00
 Spring program (Jan - June): 4 hr. Bi-monthly segments plus student teaching 
practice.   Includes Reiki Master Manual and certificate. Get properly trained! 

  *Reiki 1 and 2 are not taught over the same weekend.  Students need time to integrate the new energies in their system and to practice self-treatment before taking Reiki 2. 
​               Class fees are non-refundable but may be applied to future classes.

                       StarVisions Healing Circles
                                                           (listed in Natural Awakenings Magazine)

                                            Relating wisdom teachings to energetic principles, 
                                             guided meditation and interactive healing opportunity.

                       Healing Circle in Bedford Hills
                       Friday, December  8th  12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
                        at Apogee, 170 Harris Road, Bedford Hills, NY 
                                           REGISTER ONLINE: www.starvisionscommunity.org          
                                           or RSVP  to Text/CALL:   914-588-4079 
                                           Max: 12 persons  Cost: $25 single or
                                                        $20 each when you bring a friend to UUF only!
 I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I often reflect back to words that you have said to understand my life's path. The time you take to prepare for the workshops and the kind and gentle way you deliver the information, It's clearly all from the heart. Anne, you are very good at what you do! We are very lucky to have you as a part of our community! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself! You are a Wonderful Person.      
-B. Slates

Give a Gift of Peace and Health for 2017!

Treat yourself, family member or a friend to a healing session. 
Gift certificates available for 60 or 90 minutes sessions.