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Reiki - A Complementary Therapy for Cancer
     Reiki is becoming an increasing popular adjunct therapy for conventional cancer treatment.  Most often it is due to symptoms such as anxiety, pain and mood disturbance that do not respond well to conventional treatment or poor tolerance for standard interventions. Other reasons may include compatibility with personal spiritual values and a desire for something more natural or less harmful​.

Stress Reduction Lowers Risk of Cancer
      Research from Ohio State University suggests that stress can boost the risk of breast cancer and recurrence, plus heighten its aggressiveness by altering hormones and impairing immunity.
  The deep relaxation response of Reiki turns off the Adrenal glands which produce adrenalin and cortisol, two of the primary stress hormones in our bodies.

American Cancer Society Publishes Evidence for Use of Reiki
​   There is much anecdotal evidence published by the American Cancer Society and other sources that people living with cancer who have chosen to use Reiki reported less pain, nausea and vomiting after receiving Reiki sessions during their cancer treatment protocol. The natural detoxification facilitated by Reiki helps relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

Reiki provides measureable improvement for reducing side effects such as:
  • alleviate depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia and pain
  • slow disease progression

Reiki Reduces Pain
  • The American Cancer Society released evidence showing that patients undergoing Reiki treatments during their cancer protocol reported less pain.  

  • The Abramson Cancer Center’s Integrative oncology Initiative showed that Reiki therapy for cancer treatments helps reduce a person’s perception of pain, decreased stress levels, reduced anxiety and increased relaxation in those studied.

Study2008 Children’s Hospital Boston- Reports use of Reiki by oncology nurses supports a relaxation response that helps patients feel more peaceful and experience less pain.

Reiki also supports improved health by assisting:​
  • improved immune function
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved digestion

                          American Cancer Society & Penn Medicine Cite 
                                      Benefits of Reiki for Emotional Well-Being

 Hospitals and medical schools now offer anecdotal evidence of people living with cancer reporting improved emotional well-being with the use of Reiki. People often reported:

  • Improved sense of well-being, refreshed spirit
  • Restored mental clarity
  • Restored sense of mental and physical balance quality of life
  • Enhanced spiritual well-being

Clients reported that Reiki assisted in helping them feel strengthened overall health and improved energy for daily life.
  • find a sense of meaning in their experience of illness
  • support for inner transformation and emotional well-being

​ Reiki is Safe to Use Anytime
As a non-invasive stress reduction technique , Reiki has no side effects or complications
 and never causes any harm. 

  • Use Reiki at any time before or following your diagnosis to alleviate anxiety, pain, etc.
  • While actively undergoing treatment
  • When in remission to sustain balance
  • During late stages of cancer and facing a poor prognosis to promote feelings of peace, and assist with end of life transition.

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Reiki Therapy For Cancer in Westchester, NY
Reiki Therapy For Cancer in Westchester, NY