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November Energy Vibes                   Awakening to Conscious Creation
You cannot fight darkness. You have to light up,
 and the darkness will disappear” -Sadhguru

Greetings everyone,

We are at the beginning edge of a new age. And, the going has been tough this year. Energy shifts continue. Grow. Expand. Collapse. Let go. Rebuild. The cycle comes like waves moving faster with each year and repeating more rapidly forcing us to let go of our resistance to change. Certainly any challenges we have experienced personally and emotionally are being reflected in humanity’s collective unconscious. Our national news is full of investigations, indictments, guilty pleas and continued violence. But it is also full of exposing the truth as many women and men are coming out of the closet revealing past experiences they now have the courage to stand up and give voice to. Purging is a hard process everyone is facing now. You may find yourself coming to a realization of a lifelong pattern based on a childhood decision for emotional survival. Becoming conscious of the old beliefs of our past helps us to “connect the dots” in order to heal past behaviors and to make positive lifestyle changes for the future. As each of us heals ourselves through this letting go process, we provide space for others to do the same. In a way, it becomes contagious. The ball is rolling. Our planet has gone through dramatic weather fluctuations over the last 6 weeks are part of this accelerating purging and expansion process of planetary evolution as well.  

The Good News is that all of this letting go opens space for us to create what we do want as we change our thoughts.  What can you do differently? We answer this question by empowering ourselves first with love, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and compassion. As we put ourselves first, we positively create from love rather than fear. We create from love rather than responsibility, obligation guilt or shame. Creation occurs through the vibration of the thoughts we choose and the beliefs we hold. So create from love never from fear! Today there is a rising tide of people desiring and demanding change not only in the US but around the world who want to create a different world than the reality we now see. The Universe will reflect whatever we are thinking energetically. What we do today creates the world of tomorrow.

Evidence: More large group gatherings and worldwide efforts are being created more frequently to focus on global peace, equanimity and compassion. More people are paying attention n it on and waking up! Just recently in August, there was a massive effort by unify.org which produced a global drumming meditation. In September there were numerous events held on Wold Peace Day -9/22/17- by the United Nations facilitating worldwide participation. The HeartMath Institute is gaining a broader audience for its Global Care Meditations with the full moon (join one this Sat., Nov. 4). Tonight, Nov. 3, is a big program by the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool in Washington, DC called, “Stand Up for Humanity - Awakening Love and Light. All of these efforts are about raising the consciousness on our planet and raising the vibration of the Collective to create a better world for all.

The final 2 months of 2017 provide us cosmic support for coming home to who we truly are so that we can consciously create the world we want to live in. It won’t happen overnight. But the process has already begun. It’s messy and there will be slip ups. But the momentum is carrying us forward and we will never go back to how the world was last year, 10 years, 25 years or 50 years ago. Flow with the change by staying focused on remaining open to possibility. There is always infinite potential available. Our minds are the only limiting factor.  

Here are some exciting astrological events coming to support your spiritual journey:
The Full Moon Nov. 3rd sheds light on anything kept hidden from the public and offers possible personal revelations and insights. Gateways and portals will be opening up mid November with planetary alignments to allow more mystical energies to flow toward us providing opportunities for deeper spiritual connections, understandings and experiences. A triune between Saturn and Uranus will help us perceive the differences between our ideals and our reality in order to manifest our dreams. Be mindful of coincidences. Imagine a new foundation with the simultaneous freedom and energy to create your future from a place of empowerment. Sounds nice, right?! 

Use the power of the New Moon in Scorpio on 11/18 to realize a greater understanding of your authentic power as a co-creator with the Universe. In the dimness of the New Moon we can more easily discern the light of authenticity and truth.

Neptune stations direct right before Thanksgiving (11/22). as it trines with Jupiter a vortex between worlds will be created allowing for greater spiritual connections, insights or subtle shifts. Please be alert to any feelings of being ungrounded, tired, confused during these energy shifts if you are very sensitive. Make time to be creative, slow down and take a break. Personally, I often feel large cosmic shifts coming a few days ahead.

Finally, remember there is an overriding spiritual theme for the next year with Jupiter orbiting through the Scorpio constellation which supports our ability to raise our vibrational frequency and develop greater inner stability and confidence. Jupiter shines its light on whatever we choose to focus on, however, so be sure to focus your positive potential and empowerment. Scorpio rules our spiritual lineage and during this time you may become present to shadow aspects or old identities which require clearing in order for us to open to higher consciousness. Be aware of gifts or wisdom coming forward for you. Above all, have faith and know that you are loved and supported on this journey of awareness.
 Embrace the mystery!

Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving!

Anne Bentzen, RMT

October Energy Vibes                    Moving Up the Spiral of Change is Uncomfortable

Greetings everyone,

Today is a very sad day in the US as the lives of many were lost or seriously injured in Las Vegas last night with a mass shooting during a country music concert.  The event has now tragically become the largest mass shooting in our nation's history.  This comes on the heals of the tremendous natural disaster in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria and the two other hurricanes, Irma and Harvey before that which affected the Virgin Islands, Florida and Houston,Texas.  All of the events of the last 6 weeks beginning with Hurricane Harvey to Las Vegas are triggering an outpouring of compassion. These events including the earthquake in Mexico are a necessary part of the planetary shift to release "old trapped energies" aiding the Earth's planetary evolution.  We have witnessed neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping each other as the value of human life (and animal life) has taken precedence.  The humanitarian spirit reflects the higher potential of all humanity to live in harmony and to share our resources with others.  Each of these events is heart opening for Americans and the watching world.  Personal agendas have been cast aside temporarily to address the needs of the many.  While restoration in Texas and Florida are going smoothly, the devastation in Puerto Rico will take years. Lives continue to be threatened as basic supplies cannot reach people in need.  Many service organizations are poised to step in to help as soon as it is safe to do so. 

As mentioned last month, each of us has the power of choice.  Discernment and wisdom are keys to choosing positive thoughts that will co-create for the highest good. Fear is a virus and is detrimental to the body and the mind. The more you focus on negative scenarios, the more you will create an individualized negative experience.  Being mindful of how much news you watch is important to maintaining your energetic balance. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, change the subject or leave the room, if you can. Take a bathroom break!!  Get a drink of water!!  Breathe, ground and reset yourself.

Shift your focus!  Look for the gems of light. Notice actions such as the failure of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act due to the obvious unfairness of the proposed revisions. Or, the discussions around the professional sports players of the NFL and NBA attempting to find an acceptable way to express their concerns.  Our country values the freedom of expression but we also must honor the broader ideals that our country stands for. The important point is that the conversation is occuring and it is not being "swept under the rug".  Hopefully the issue of gun violence will now be properly addressed by Congress as well before more lives are lost.  Let us be motivated to create positive change for a better future for all.

Significant support is coming to our aid from October to the Winter Solstice as planetary and astrological allignments along with the subtle influence of six meteor showers arrive in October, November and December.  Each of these showers, spawned from comets, carry vital crystalline codes to support our upward bio shift. You may find new insights or solutions to old problems, experience synchronicities or receive symbolic messages in your dreams.  An important alignment occurs as Jupiter, known as the Great Benefactor, enters Scorpio on 10/10 for 13 months creating a strong spiritual influence.  Jupiter will inspire you on your own personal spiritual journey.  This can be a deeply transformative time as you open to higher personal truths both within and around you.  You will be encouraged to let go of what is no longer relevant and establish a greater connection to Spirit in the coming year.  Other benefits of Jupiter's  time in Scorpio will be a new level of trust in your inner knowing and seeing the challenges before you as opportunities for growth.

Have a beautiful month.
Anne Bentzen, RMT            

September Energy Vibes                             The  Power of Choice 

Greetings everyone,

As I look out upon a very rainy day I think of the incredible amount of rain Hurricane Harvey left behind in Texas and Louisiana.  These natural disasters do have a connection to our human collective consciousness as crazy as that might sound.  When I first heard Deepak Chopra speak years ago of our intimate connection to the Earth and our ability to influence environmental phenomena such as the weather and earthquakes, I was skeptical even though I fully embraced the indigenous concept of Mitakuye Oyasin- we are all related. 

Today, I understand more deeply our connection, our responsibility and our ability to help improve the stability of our environment through consciousness.  As we move into September you can play an important role in this transformation process with the power of the choices you make, the thoughts you think and where you direct your attention.  Please read on.

Humanity is intimately connected to Nature. On a higher level we  have always played a role in the co-creation of these natural disasters and earth cycles. Our fears, prejudices and emotionally charged thoughts, extreme polarization and recent violent outbursts are forms of energy that effect the planet and particularly the longevity of the deluge of Hurricane Harvey’s rain on the gulf coast. Natural disasters provide opportunities for us to change our priorities as we unify to save lives and help those in need to survive and rebuild their lives. There have been many acts of courage, heroism and altruism reported that exemplify the best of humanity. Compassionate action with a reverence for life has been witnessed as neighbors voluntarily came to the rescue of strangers. These very actions during times of danger push us to respond with love beyond the duality boundaries of our everyday lives. It is indeed paradoxical that it takes a natural disaster to teach us the lessons of love and the greater truth that we are all connected and can live together as one when we open our hearts. There has been an outpouring of generosity from around the country to this disaster as well as past disasters and the united response to help our fellow neighbor is heart-warming and encouraging.  The humanitarian spirit reflects the higher potential of all humanity to live in harmony and to share our resources with others.

September begins with a powerful full moon in Pisces on 9/6 followed by Mercury stationing direct on 9/7.  Eclipse energies will continue to impact us for 3-6 months encouraging us to let go of old stories, belief systems and old grudges which no longer serve us.  We are still in the eclipse path and are being encouraged to move towards greater alignment with our higher self.  As astrologer Elizabeth Jones states, “Totality is wholeness”.  Universal energy is constantly flowing towards you. Choose those things that expand you and bring you joy.  It is now time to say “yes” to that which has been calling to you in your life. Choose from love, have courage and follow your passion.

September energies support our connecting our lower mind with our higher consciousness and brings access to higher intuition. Use your intuition in decision making.  Greater clarity returns now with Mercury direct and you will begin making important decisions to prioritize activities for your health and well-being as well as making choices that are in alignment with your inner values.  Congruence between you inner and outer life is required for living harmoniously now.  Think about what you can do on a daily basis to further your spiritual practice, to connect with your essential self, your sacred heart space.

During the month of September you will also feel the energetic influences of the practical, rational Virgo constellation to get organized and declutter more so that you can embrace ways to live a simpler, healthier life. Take notice of how time management and stress are impacting your health and well-being.  Make wise choices to get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy foods. Virgo energies are all about practicality, patience and common sense.

Just prior to the Fall Equinox we begin a new lunar cycle with a New Moon in Virgo.  Make plans that will help you get your life “on track” so that it reflects your inner values and honors your health, nutrition and wellbeing. What in your life do you want to change?  Make time to be of service and give a gift of love from your heart. As you give, you will simultaneously receive.

The Fall Equinox arrives on 9/21-22 as the sun moves from Virgo into Libra providing us with an opportunity to reset and establish a new beginning from this balance point for the last quarter of the year.  The indigenous focused on gratitude for a bountiful harvest.  For us spiritually, there have been many lessons this year as we have experienced numerous energetic upgrades and become consciously aware of long held thoughts, emotions and stories that require forgiveness and release.  Use the lunar cycle from 9/22-10/22 for creating greater harmony in your personal relationships and partnerships.  Libra is about being mutually supportive, building bridges, being cooperative, compromising, emphasizing higher truths, justice and equality.  

Have a beautiful month.

Anne Bentzen, RMT


August Energy Vibes                          Tipping  Point: Everyone is  Accountable
The events which you observe are determined by the concept you have of yourself.
  If you change your concept of yourself, the events ahead of you in time are altered.… 
  you are a being with powers of intervention, which enable you, by a change of consciousness,
  to alter the course of events-in fact, to change your future.- Neville Goddard

 Greetings friends,

It is mid-August. The headlines are shell-shocking and stunning. Who could have imagined the events this past weekend in Charlottesville? Astrologically speaking, these type of events were foreseen. We just didn’t know the details. All old stories and beliefs are being pushed to the surface. The white hoods are off and everything is now in plain sight. We knew these attitudes still existed but most have been avoiding looking at the ugliness of this segment of human behavior, hoping it would just go away. After all, its 2017 not 1940. People are being forced to choose sides and stand up for what they believe in.

 Humanity is in the midst of a most amazing few weeks of the greatest celestial gifts since December 2012. A complexity of light codes from various astrological influences is providing humanity with an extraordinary evolutionary shift. Eight different astrological impacts together offer the potential to help us plant the seeds for what is referred to as the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony or the Intuition Age. It signals a move from our old linear thinking based in fear and left brain perception to the right brain, living in the present moment with heart-centered consciousness. We are being asked to live in the flow and to trust in the benevolence of the Universe and our intuition. 

 The first 3 weeks of August from the Lunar Full Moon of 8/7 and the Lion’s Gate of 8/8, the Perseid meteor showers of 8/11-8/13 through the solar eclipse of 8/21 along with 5 planets being in retrograde and the stationing direct of Saturn on 8/25 offer an unprecedented opportunity for transformational evolution. Many of you may have already felt the accelerating energies through a variety of experiences such as extreme emotional sensitivity, unexplainable aches or pains, difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams or having past memories arise seemingly out of nowhere. Everything which has been kept submerged by our subconscious and hidden is coming to the surface to be felt, acknowledged and released. You must feel in order to heal. You do not have to relive the experience but merely acknowledge and validate the emotions that were present at the time. Allowing for new perspectives of old situations, we are able to let go of old stories, beliefs and emotional baggage through forgiveness coming from our adult self. You are wiser now than when the event originally occurred. As you let go of and surrender old stories, room is created for new light to come in which makes you feel lighter. You are lifting out of the density of your old experiences.

 Everyone has the opportunity now to become a “brighter” lighthouse, to raise their personal vibrational frequency and support others with kindness and compassion to make similar positive choices for themselves. As old souls reading this, your compassion toward others, your service for others, your balance and your light is collective. Your existence as a being of wisdom effects everything here. YOU are the beacon of light for others by virtue of the wisdom you carry and the light you exude with your thoughts, attitudes and actions. Your life is priceless and your light and consciousness is intermingling with others to build a new world. Just “Be” your best self.

 2017 has seen waves of chaos, uncertainty and volatility leading up to this astrological sequence of events in August. Mastery of our focused attention is required now to bring forth the world we would like to create. As you know, energy follows thought. The Laws of Manifestation will reflect and magnify whatever you choose to focus on especially now through the powerful combination of these celestial alignments. As a planet of free choice, it is up to us through focused attention, prayers and meditation along with an awareness that the Universe is supporting our growth potential to determine the future of our planet. Trust that you are dearly loved and supported. The entire planet is affected by these astrological forces whether you believe in them or not.

 For myself, all I need do is to think of my family and I can easily focus on a more peaceful world in which they can thrive where compassion, gratitude and integrity become the highest regarded values of a person’s character. Minding your emotions and responding with love rather than reacting out of fear is essential. Anger and hate only breeds more of the same. The simple question, “What would love do?” may help you direct your thoughts and actions. Our thoughts and attention will either lead to the creation of a beautiful world or set our world into a tailspin of negativity and violence. Everyone is accountable for their thoughts and actions now.

Yes, this is the turning point, the eclipse of the heart where we must choose between love and fear, between heart-centered living or ego driven habits of fear-based living.

 Are you open to change or are you resisting to maintain the old systems of status quo?

It is no accident that the eclipse which is beginning in the Pacific over the ancient origins of Lemuria is diagonally crossing the continental USA from Oregon to South Carolina. While the rhetoric is boiling over in DC, stay focused on the best possible outcomes for all citizens and the world. Shocking headlines may be viewed as revealing hidden truths. Everything is being exposed for review, resolution and to make room for more light. Blessings are often disguised. While the truth may be uncomfortable, shocking and very ugly, it will ultimately set us free from our past. What has been exposed must be acknowledged. Addressing the core fears of separation, abandonment and worthiness are essential and will lead to transformation.

 This transformation process requires clearing the clutter of linear perception and allowing our soul to come forward and take over the driver seat of our lives. Your soul’s truth sets you free. Every choice you make is about placing your attention. Place your attention on creating joy.

  “..So pay attention to what you love. What you pay attention to comes alive.” - Penny Peirce 

 Many blessings. Shine your light brightly!

 Anne Bentzen, RMT

July Energy Vibes                           Stars Still Shine, Nurture Your Light
                                                               "Don't you know yet? It is your Light that
lights the world."  - Rumi

Greetings Everyone,

  Happy July Fourth! When I think of the historic scene always portrayed with the Star Spangled Banner, it seems like a metaphor for where we are energetically now in 2017. We have been in a rapidly changing battle between old, outdated energies, beliefs and attitudes that are slowly being dismantled and a new energy demanding Truth, authenticity, justice and equanimity that is slowly gaining ground. As the song tells us, it is nighttime with much chaos in the air. While it perhaps seems hard to tell who is winning, our national anthem reveals that our flag, a symbol of freedom, equality and justice was still waving, still there. This Fourth of July, I feel that the flag can also be viewed as a metaphor not only for our Founding Fathers' ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but also for the inner light of each of us that is gaining strength and still there in spite of the crazy, fearful world we find ourselves in these days. In order to grow into a more perfect Union that serves over 321 million people today, we must change. And, change takes time. It does not happen over night.

July is a perfect month for nurturing your inner light. Set aside time to support your personal spiritual development and engage in activities that help you cultivate your intuition, creativity and imagination. Have fun! It is important for us to respond to what our bodies have been crying out for... Rest! Slow down. Enjoy a more relaxed pace this month. Spend more time outdoors. Go to the beach, hike, observe Nature's beauty or maybe create a beautiful garden container/area with colorful annuals. Try coloring a mandala. It is very meditative, creative and restful for the mind. Fair warning - Coloring is fun and it can become addictive!

We are guided by the energies of the Cancer constellation for the first few weeks of July until the 23rd. Cancer, a water sign, rules our emotional body and is governed by the moon. We need to allow our emotions to ebb and flow like the tides. Let go of old opinions/beliefs that cause us to resist change. Open to new possibilities and new directions. We are encouraged to shift difficult emotions by taking then to a higher level. As we do this, we improve our personal well-being and contribute to the Earth's planetary evolution which actually reflects the progression of collective human unconsciousness. Remember everything is connected! We can shift difficult emotions with gentleness, peace, gratitude, forgiveness and kindness. 

Enjoying simple summer pleasures allows space for observing a more authentic and soulful experience. Living fully in the moment, you not only connect with your inner child but you are able to appreciate the fullness of life. Cancer is about home, family dynamics, connecting with a sense of belonging and your environment. Use these weeks to let go of old emotional clutter. It cannot help you move into the future. In doing this for yourself, you also do it for others. Align with your soul purpose during these lazy days of summer. As you do, you will become a beacon of light for others as well.

Have a beautiful month.

Anne Bentzen, RMT

June Energy Vibes 
 Seeds of Compassion are Sprouting
"Let go of what you wish were true,
  in order to see what actually is true." - Unknown

Greetings Everyone,

  It may be June, but it still feels like April, right?! Change is coming. Wait until this weekend and next week when seasonal temperatures arrive. The weather is mimicking the patience we need with wanting the world to change faster for the better as well. Right now it seems that the world has gone crazy. Bombings in London, attacks in Paris by lone men, a rising of America's climate change controversy following the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, Russian cyber-hacking and the upcoming testimony of former FBI director, James Comey. What is important to remember is that every time something negative occurs, the voices (of light and truth) for intolerance of such actions is getting louder. Integrity, equanimity and truth are being demanded and everyone is being called now globally to take responsibility for their actions and to make a fair contribution to the solution process. For example, five international judges at the Hague Tribunal in April declared that Monsanto has violated human rights to food, health, a healthy environment and the freedom indispensable for independent scientific research. Acts of compassion, courage and bravery are being reported though only given brief acknowledgement. New initiatives have just been announced by the creation of the The Sanders Institute to engage Americans in learning about progressive solutions to economic, environmental, racial and social justice issues. Their philosophy is that a true democracy requires an informed electorate. Regardless of who you voted for, we can all appreciate the efforts to start an honest conversation and to learn from each other.

  We are only 5 years past Dec. 21, 2012. Think of yourself as the evolving "new" human being. You are only 5 years old in this new energy. It is going to take another 13 years for us to really see the transformation of the world we live in. The dismantling of old outdated political and economic systems will open doors for us to become a more peaceful and compassionate world. Light is winning even though it may not seem that way at the moment. Here is the good news. The seeds of compassion are already sprouting in our younger generations. Have you noticed how much more accepting and tolerant Millennials are? While there is no such thing as "normal" anymore, younger children today are naturally connected globally through cell phones, the internet and online school programs than was never possible before. They are learning how to respect each other's differences. They do not have the biases and limiting cultural influences and beliefs that their parents and grandparents grew up with. They are open-minded. We are on a fast track changing faster than the Israelites that wondered in the desert for 40 years so long ago. You are an "old Soul". Your light is going to lead the way.

  June will continue to be a volatile month as pressure mounts and cosmic energies support the revealing of truth to the public, the demand for justice and transparency. Avoid becoming overstimulated and overwhelmed from information overload in the news, TV and radio. Children will be very susceptible to this. Focus on being in alignment with what you know to be true for yourself. Listen to your heart and follow that which brings you joy. You are not only responsible for the energy you put out through your words and actions but you are also responsible for the energy with which you surround yourself. You have the power to change the energy of your environment and the people you surround yourself with the choices you make everyday. Take advantage of the energies of positive growth, clarity and confidence that will be available this month to help you fuel your passion.

Have a beautiful month.

Anne Bentzen, RMT

May Energy Vibes                                      
                                                             Consciously Focus on the Light 
                                                  "In generating compassion, you start by recognizing that you do not want suffering 
                                                                 and that you have a right to have happiness." ~Dalai Lama                                              
Greetings Everyone,

  Welcome to May on this rainy Friday in NY. The month of May brings calmer energies after the volatile, shocking and fiery energies of April. Dispersed among the April headlines of early violence were later stories of compassion and truth such as the actions of Southwest Airlines to reconnect a mother with her son who had had a traumatic brain injury or nature's reminder by two sperm whales who washed up on the shores of the North Sea sadly reminding us of our failure to be good stewards of our planet. Their bodies were full of plastic garbage. Our country took notice of the passionate outcry by Jimmy Kimmel for fairness within the healthcare industry for preexisting conditions. It went viral. Jimmy sent Congress back to the drawing boards to restructure their revisions of the AHC act. Now it is the Senate's turn to decide. On the world stage this Sunday the French will hold an historic election that will determine the direction of their country. Humanity is at a cross roads between hanging onto the old energy of separatism or embracing a new energy of unity, collaboration and globalization.

There is huge Cosmic support this month as we approach the Wesak Full Moon on May 10th. Google "Wesak full moon" also known as the Buddha Full Moon to learn the story about the descending Higher Realms in the Tibetan valley each year infusing us with light inspiration and insights. This mystical Full Moon can reveal hidden messages, provide insights for past life recall, unusual dreams, clarity of purpose and psychic awareness. You may discover how to integrate the dualities in your life to create opportunities for growth and fulfillment. So tap into these benevolent gifts and allow yourself to be embraced by the light and grace of this time. I encourage everyone to attend Carol Essig's Sound Immersion on May 10th at Golden Temple Yoga at 7 pm. Register in advance at: www.starvisionscommunity.org and allow the energies of the FM to support you.

Since December 2012, we have been in a slow process of ascension where lower, dense negative energies, those hidden emotions of anger, false stories and illusions have been coming to the surface to be purged. It is a necessary process so that we can embody more light and live more authentically from our higher self or Divine True Self. It is what must take place before we can achieve the peaceful planet we all desire. As each of us consciously makes an effort to turn towards gratitude, we actually begin to shift our energy bodies. Yes, we do! As we focus on the Light, looking for joy and beauty each day, we are restructuring the energy that we project out into the world. As you do this work, the quotient of light that you hold grows. Your internal vibration, your thoughts and feelings determine the shape, color and geometry of your energy field.
The genius of everything is internal. Your reality, your outer world is a reflection of your internal world.

Finally, let the energy of the Taurus constellation we are now in until May 20th assist you to nurture your own Light. While we think of the Bull symbol for Taurus, let us focus on the higher vibrational expressions that can support you this month by being sensible, keeping it simple, spending time in nature and really making a point to take time out for yourself with healthy exercise, yoga or a massage. Participate in activities such as singing or chanting at a Kirtan as Taurus rules the throat, neck and vocal chords. Be sure to share your feelings of love and kindness to others. This is a very grounding and centering sign. Avoid being lazy or apathetic, stubborn, possessive or engage in excessiveness in any form.

There is a powerful global meditation taking place May 27th through Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. It will be very instrumental in bringing light and assistance to humanity. For more information, go to: http://tomkenyon.com/the-eye-of-the-storm.

Have a beautiful month.
Anne Bentzen, RMT

April Energy Vibes                            
                                                                 Dealing with Fiery Aries Energies

"Anything capable of decay is also capable of regeneration."
Dawna Markova

Greetings Everyone!

  I can't help but feel that Mercury retrograde has started 2 days early with all the flight cancellations! Horrifying news of chemical warfare in Syria and the shocking surprise of our military retaliation ordered by Pres. Trump. It's jaw dropping but also entirely predicted by the prevailing cosmic energies led by a square off of Jupiter and Pluto which demands that secrets be revealed. As April 20 approaches, you may discover inner secrets as Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn. Now will be the time to observe those inner secrets of the psyche where your deepest fears are hidden but also where your greatest strengths may lie. More surprises are in store for April to be sure. In typical Aries warrior fashion, Trump has drawn a line in the sand with a bold move demonstrating the physical vitality, strength and energy of the USA. The question will be, was this a well thought out plan executed with Aries leadership or an expression of lower Aries impulsivity and over-reaction?  

  We are living in fast changing times. There is no such thing as normal anymore. Transformation is occurring at our foundations. This is the type of energy Pluto brings to Capricorn. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1770's when the United States was becoming a nation. As an outer planet it takes a very long time for Pluto to go around the sun!! This is very significant. Spiritually, the early events of April are challenging each of us to focus on what we want to create, as in a better, more loving and peaceful world. The solar focus of Aries is about remembering that you carry the spark of the Divine within. We do this by vertically aligning our lower human self with our eternal nature and calling upon the Spiritual Warrior within each of us to boldly lead us forward with courage. These are the higher expressions of Aries. Remember that energy follows thought. Managing what energy you consume is very important. Too much news in any form can be very toxic and pull you off center.

  So, let's deal consciously with the prevailing energies by focusing on the light that we are, maintaining a vertical alignment through conscious choices. Tune in to your innate knowing. Aries is about the basic pulse of life, life force energy, prana.  Do activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, walking meditations, Reiki, breath work to not only ground yourself into your body but also to come from your heart. Aries rules the circulatory system, head and blood. Listen to others. Be patient. Many difficulties can be avoided by simply slowing down.

Special Event April 11 - Full Moon in Pisces- I invite you to join the HeartMath Institute for the Global Care Focus. It is a global meditation at 4 am, noon and/or 8 pm that everyone can participate in to help raise the vibration of the planet and the human collective. Using with the magnetic power of the full moon and the spiritual energies of Pisces, take this opportunity to join with thousands of others worldwide to open your heart and share your vibration to help raise the planetary vibration. Become a Global Care member if you are not already. To join, enter as a guest: www.globalcarerooms.org/rooms/care/gci

Stay in your heart. Have a beautiful month.


Anne Bentzen, RMT

March 2017  Energy Vibes                     
                                                                          Introspection and Self-Love
                                                 "Spring doesn't begin on the surface....it begins below the ground." ~ Unknown
Greetings Everyone,

As we complete the first week of March we can feel evidence of spring on the horizon as the days are warming and the light lasts longer. Daylight savings returns this coming Sunday. Sap is running up the maple trees and daffodils shoots abound. But cold temperatures returning on Friday will remind us that winter isn’t over quite yet. As Pisces completes the Zodiac calendar and we prepare for spring, it is important to be mindful, to stay centered and grounded amidst the significant conflicting energies that continue to swirl around us.  

We are in an energetic pause now having experienced a huge wave of energies coming through with the eclipse corridor of February between Feb. 10th and Feb. 26th. A major theme for March is about putting yourself first – bold self-love. Everyone needs to adopt ways to constantly recenter and focus to keep their lives moving forward whether through yoga or other exercise, walking in Nature, listening to uplifting music or meditating. Remember that Pisces rules the etheric and mystical. It supports greater spiritual contemplation and connection, wisdom and turning our attention within. The outer planets just like our upper chakras oversee spiritual aspects of our development. Planetary alignments between Jupiter and Pluto along with Neptune in Pisces support your inward journey, connection to the soul and opportunities for personal growth. Practice tolerance, contemplation, acceptance and compassion. Pay attention to your dreams, messages and inner guidance. Above all, remember that Divine timing is perfect and have faith that everything is unfolding as it should. Be prepared to surrender your personal agenda, be open to the unexpected and willing to go with the flow. The Universe is benevolent and always supporting your greatest expression as an aspect of your Eternal Self.  

We need to have faith that the presence of chaotic energies these days is an indication of the potential for great positive change as Light continues to expose all darkness. Nothing shall remain hidden. This is part of the process of the dawning of a new age based on harmony and integrity. Avoid becoming a “psychic sponge” of all the lower energies around you. Put yourself first. Be mindful of the energy you are consuming! If you do not have a daily spiritual practice, now would be a good time to begin. Give yourself some time each morning and night for reflection and stillness. Perhaps you might want to start a journal noting synchronicities and new people, ideas, etc. coming into your life. What brought you joy today? Where did you have fun today? What are you grateful for today? Trying automatic writing. Ask a question and just begin to write as thoughts arise in your mind. Drive to work without the radio on or listen only to calming music while driving. Make time to take a walk every day, weather permitting. Observe nature. Breathe in all the sights, sounds and smells. Be present to the wonders of creation and your connection to all of it. Silence is required to move forward.

Use these first 3 weeks of March to reevaluate what may be hindering your spiritual growth. Think about what you can do to bring your personal vibration closer to your soul vibration (Home Vibrational frequency). Moving forward requires stillness. A personal practice will help you maintain your vertical alignment and keep you balanced regardless of the news headlines. Notice synchronicities and be ready to follow up on opportunities that come your way especially after the Spring Equinox on March 20th. A phone call may lead to a new business collaboration or relationship. Aries brings renewed enthusiasm for life along with strength and courage to take up new ventures and directions. A powerful New Moon on March 27th may be highly charged and conflicts could arise as there will be a strong urge for change.

Remember, you signed up to be here now. This is a very exciting time to be on planet Earth. Stay in your heart!

Anne Bentzen, RMT

February 2017 Energy Vibes            The Power to Choose is Yours!

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to February! 

 Energies are ramping up during these first 10 days of February culminating with a full moon, lunar Eclipse on Friday, February 10th. The energies we are feeling are dissolving the old patterns of the previous age and making space for a new level of consciousness, new inventions, new perspectives and new ways of being as we enter the Age of Light also known as the Age of Aquarius. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the news and media which has been creating a fear circus since the election last November. It’s very important not to jump to conclusions. Practicing active listening, respecting the opinions of others and picking your battles is essential right now. Look for pockets of light, those higher vibrational expressions of compassion, kindness, consideration and humanitarianism. February Aquarian energies bring clarity to help you identify where your life has gotten out of balance. With tensions rising on the national and world stage it is no wonder that many people feel that something has to give these days. Indeed we are in unpredictable times.  

Balance is essential now. What does a balanced life look like to you? We all need to take good care of our bodies, with enough sleep, exercise, a healthy diet and monitor the vibrational level of the energy we are exposing ourselves to each day. Be conscious of how much TV, radio, social media and news you take in as these outlets perpetuate more fear. Get the information you need and move on by making responsible choices for your well-being. Do not consume too much toxic lower vibrational energies. Move away from people, situations or places that perpetuate anger, depression, doubt and fear based emotions. Your ability to stay detached as an observer of the moment will serve you well and help you maintain your personal boundaries. Remember, everyone is having their own personal journey and are expressing their own level of awareness. Not everyone is supposed to wake up at the same time. Some choose not to.

Your first priority is YOU! YOU Come FIRST! How do you serve yourself first? Schedule for yourself some personal time in order to take care of yourself. You have to make a conscious choice and claim what you want for your life. You must create intentions for yourself. Your intention controls it all. Every experience has value even if it is an unpleasant experience. In fact, do not over analyze why something happened because it will keep you from being in the present moment. There is no point where you will not be responsible for your expression. Fear will always be there. It is part of the illusion of the mind. Fear is its own ecosystem. Fear is its own answer. If you are in fear asking a question, the answer will always be more fear. The only way out is to walk away from fear. Do not engage in fear based energies. 

If you want something different, you must think something different and then do something different. 

You always have the choice to BE. For those who have learned Reiki, the 5 Reiki Principles help you to move out of the mind and be in your heart in the present moment. Worry and anger are food for fear generated by the mind. When you move your awareness to your heart you are able to BE in alignment, in your wisdom and not in the illusory identities that make up your life as a human being. There is no fear in the heart. The choice is always yours. Discover the expansive power of Being. You are the flow. You are the creator and the one who is seeking, all of it. You cannot separate yourself from the flow. There is no trying, no effort required by the infinite Soul or the heart. Trying and effort are part of the mind. It is a mental thing. The mind loves to think all the time. Slow down and relax into Being and flow. YOU ARE the power that chooses joy and happiness. When you choose to be in your High Heart, your mind will be quiet. The choice is yours whether or not to tap into the fear.

Set your intention before you get out of bed in the morning. Breathe into your high heart in the center of your chest, expand your awareness and from that place make decisions. Your high heart is a new portal of light available for you. As you consciously choose to Be in your heart you will untether from the emotional field. As human beings we experience life through our emotions. But our emotions do not define us. Emotions are a tool of creation. They are the navigation system of the mind through which we experience the 3-D world. We, the eternal part, are the consciousness behind that tool that chooses to have the experience. You have the power to choose which vibrational energies you want to experience every day. As Mikao Usui taught, You can create your own happiness following the Reiki principles.

The solar influence of Aquarius which goes to Feb. 18th rules our etheric field, ankles and circulation. It invites us to expand our heart and mind to embrace more humanitarian concerns both nationally and globally. We can gain insights as to the true nature of our soul. Every constellation has a set of high expressions and lower vibrational expressions as our planet orbits the sun and travels across each of the star constellations we know as the 12 zodiac signs. On a subtle level we are able to receive the energetic influence of the patterns of light of the stars and planets as they change throughout the year highlighting different aspects of our body, mind and spirit. The higher expressions of Aquarius will allow you to consider new options, be more detached, think outside the box. Lower expressions of Aquarius involve erratic mood swings, not being able to find the middle ground, easily distracted, prone to self-centered, egotistical thinking.  

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in energetic hygiene! What is that, you may say? It is simply using the power of your intention to direct your own personal energy field. We are responsible for the health of our energy fields as much s we are of our physical bodies. Most people don’t think to do this because they cannot see their energy field. Out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes. How do you keep your energy clean? As I mentioned earlier, you need to disconnect from those energies that create fear, like the news, take time to be in calming environments, walk outside, listen to calming music, take a salt bath, attend a drumming circle, healing circle or sound healing immersion. Schedule yourself for a Reiki session, cleanse your field intentionally each morning in the shower by demanding that any energy that is not yours or serving your highest good, leave. Imagine the water as cleansing rain washing negativity off your body and welcome in healing rain and light. Remember that energy follows thought. As you think, so do you create.

It’s your turn now. What are you going to choose today?

Anne Bentzen, RMT

January Energy Vibes 2017                    Discover Joy Living From Your Heart

“The universe conspires on our behalf
when we are in right relationship with it.”

─Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Greetings everyone,

Happy New Year! Take a deep breath and welcome the new beginning of a very special year, 2017. January 2nd feels like an extra day of rest before we jump back into the routines of our lives. I want to remind you that this is a “1” year numerologically which simply means that there is infinite potential, a blank canvas for each of us. This is a turning point for all of us.

We have reached a crossroads through the decisions we have made in the past year. 
2016 realized a climax to clearing by cleansing and letting go of old anchors of limiting beliefs and emotions that have been holding us back. Globally we have witnessed a growing excavation of corruption, lies, anger, fear, hatred and an increasing demand for transparency, truth, balance and equality. There has been a rise of duality with a simultaneous rise of conscious awareness to existing disparities. In December I spoke about “letting go”, eliminating emotional clutter and preparing for 2017. As Mercury went into retrograde on 12/19 we have received a wonderful opportunity to listen to our internal guidance, that faint voice that feels right. The mind will always interject fear into your thoughts with the familiar “But” and give you reasons to fear, stay isolated or in non-action. It is Heart vs Mind. Our hearts hold our Divine nature and the knowledge of our soul purpose. The Mind is a tool, like an app on your smartphone that helps you navigate through the 3D world. You have the choice to use it or not. What will you choose, Mind or Heart?

When we align with our hearts we choose to put our higher selves first. Embracing the feeling of what you want to create has never been more important. It is time now to align with what brings us joy in our lives. This is the energy that came in with the Winter Solstice. We are being encouraged to trust the feeling within our hearts and to choose our hearts as our “default” setting. Stay with that heart feeling until it becomes grounded within you. As you do, you will find yourself saying, “yes” to yourself, yes to self-love. Be present to choose a desire rather than a memory from the past. Look for synchronicities. When you are in alignment with your soul purpose, there are no blocks or resistance.

As we enter 2017, we find ourselves supported by the constellation Capricorn (12/21- 1/19) and under the pausing effects of Mercury in retrograde until 1/8 which allows us time for contemplation and to figure out our next steps. Capricorn has a strong influence on both our spiritual and physical worlds. In the body Capricorn symbolically rules our skeleton, knees, joints, teeth and skin. So, this month is about attuning to our physical and spiritual foundation. You are encouraged to look at the security of your physical foundation for work, commitments and duties as well as your soul evolution and purpose. Take time between now and the full moon on 1/12 for some silence to embrace thoughts, feelings and ideas that bring you joy. What do you still need to let go of? Find some quiet time for yourself these first two weeks of January. Focus on what you want to see in the world. This is your most powerful moment to choose to redirect your focus towards the higher frequencies of inspiration and the Divine within and away from overwhelming chaos, confusion and fear so prevalent in our daily news. You are coming closer to the truth of who you really are.

As January continues, the energies of this month will encourage you to take action and move forward as greater clarity arrives with the energies of the Full Moon on the 12th . It will become very clear what you need to eliminate that no longer serves you, if you are still stuck. While it is no surprise that there will be volatility around the presidential inauguration on January 20th, be encouraged to think outside the box and see new perspectives. Think about building bridges not burning them. Aquarian energies ruled by Uranus invite us to expand our hearts and embrace more humanitarian concerns. Be open to innovation and inspiration as January comes to a close with a New Moon on the 27th. Aquarian energies  support the coming of a new world order which will effect the global community. Holding your focused light and prayers for a more peaceful, harmonious world is essential as January comes to a close. Certainly there will be greater clarity for your personal vision which will open you to greater self-awareness and direction for your life. Above all let your heart lead the way, reach higher to anchoring more joy in your life in 2017. You are loved and supported always. Trust your feelings and have a beautiful month.


Anne Bentzen, RMT

December 2016                                                   Letting go and Preparing for 2017

For the vision awaits its time;
It hastens to the end- it will not lie.
If it seems slow, wait for it;
It will surely come, it will not delay.
Habakkuk 2: 2

Greetings Everyone,

As we move into December it’s understandable that the intense collective energies of November have had a strong influence on our personal lives and even our immune systems. Many Americans have been going through either consciously or unconsciously a grieving process of denial, anger and confusion following the presidential election. An old paradigm is collapsing. Regardless of who you voted for or if you were one of the 42% who chose not to vote, most will agree that more Americans have been awakened to the fact that there is much that needs fixing if our democracy is to thrive in the 21st century. Holding strong boundaries and monitoring how much news you take in will help you to emotionally process this transition and the unstable energies present these days. Take time to ground your energies each day. Breathe, ground, center and be in your heart space. When you are consciously controlling your breath, you cannot hold a thought of fear. So breathe!

The term “wildcard” refers to a person, an invention or an event that was not anticipated by the world but whose presence changes the world forever. President-elect Donald J. Trump is “a wildcard” that most Americans did not take seriously a year ago. His election has surprised the entire planet. Other wildcards included Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Adolph Hitler and the falling of the Berlin wall. Numerologically, we are in a “9” year and Donald Trump will be our 45th president, another nine. Nine signifies completion, the end of a cycle. For every one thing ending in 2016, there will be something new beginning in 2017. There are many cycles completing this year around the planet. There is a natural friction between the energies of 2016 ending and the new pristine energy of 2017 coming in. Energies are shifting. As the transfer of power proceeds to unfold, opportunities will arise for something new to enter. Resisting change only allows conflict and confusion to persist. If you have experienced a minor illness this past month, it may energetically be part of the purging of old dense energies that is connected to the completion of the 2016 cycle.  

What kind of support do we have from the Universe now? There is a tremendous amount of Light coming from several astrological alignments particularly Jupiter Sextiles Saturn from now until January that supports the carrying of seeds of Truth for the future. Tolerance is important now. Do your best to avoid the trap of negativity, fear, losing faith or hopelessness. Instead, hold onto your faith and trust that a Divine Plan is present that is broader than our ability to see or understand. Hold fast to your connection to the Infinite Love within your own Divine Heart. Your heart-centered connection will bring peace to your life and allow you to be a beacon of light for others who may feel overwhelmed these days.

Lightworkers are called upon to be “Faithkeepers” in the Native American tradition. As a Faithkeeper, you anchor the Light, stay positive and focused on a vision of Peace on Earth and spiritually centered on the Presence of Spirit in our lives for everyone else. The Light has been exposing dark unconscious beliefs which need to be seen in order to be cleansed and released. This is a necessary though uncomfortable evolutionary process of seeing and acknowledging what needs to be let go of on a conscious level. “See and feel the vision” you want to manifest for yourself, your life and for a more harmonious world. Don’t worry about the details. Focus on the feeling you want to achieve. Is it freedom, joy, happiness, abundance? Let its flame burn brightly in your heart. It all starts from within. The important point is to be unattached to the outcome! Be open to how life shows up. Be flexible. Be willing to flow like water around rocks in order to keep moving forward.

In each and every moment, we are either moving away from or towards our truth. If you are moving away, you feel resistance. You are creating from fear and creating from an the illusion. When you move towards your truth, it feels expansive, inviting. You are creating from love which is truth. As we enter December, we are being called to stand in our Truth. We are also being asked to fully embrace self-love. When you choose from self-love and put yourself first, you are also choosing from your own truth. Truth is an aspect of love which is what you essentially are. The more you resonate with self-love, the more your vibrational frequency will attract those things you desire in your life because you are making choices based on self-love.   REMEMBER: You are a being of magnificent light and that there are numerous celestial forces working to support your soul evolution.  

The constellation, Sagittarius, invites us to “focus on the inner light that illuminates our way”. We are encouraged to expand our perspectives, adjust preconceived attitudes and consider new opportunities and inspirational ideas that have the potential of leading to higher vibrational frequencies. This is just what we need right now. 2017 is a “1” year which represents pure pristine potential, a blank slate for creating new ways of being in all your relationships at home, with your family, your job, with money, etc. As Mercury goes retrograde on Dec. 21st we are invited to pause and focus on envisioning what we would like to create in our lives. Think of 2017 as a blank canvas, a beautiful potential and a new beginning. The energy is already here.

Welcome the Light with the Winter Solstice on Wed., Dec. 21st. Join the Winter Solstice Ceremony and Celebration hosted by StarVisions and KatonahSPACE from 7 – 9 pm. 44 Edgemont Rd., Katonah, NY.
Live music, drumming circle and potluck food offerings welcome. Come be in community!

Have a beautiful month.


Anne Bentzen

November 2016                Welcome Release and Open to your Golden Shadow

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to November and the final days before the US Presidential election. It has been such a long electoral process and we are all looking forward to having it over next Tuesday. The sting of Negativity has risen to an all-time high that most of us wish we could escape from. We are experiencing a cleansing process as old established socio-cultural attitudes are rising to the surface to be cleared. November is a time decaying leaves as the fall season comes to an end. The decaying leaves cerate fertilizer and fertile ground for what is to come. Once the trees are laid bare, we can see clearly the Truth of the essence of the bare deciduous trees. It is the same with our emotional and spiritual growth. This is a necessary process which gives rise for the growth of new ideas for a new Spring and way of being. As we move on our personal paths, our country and all Americans as a collective are as well for we are going through the same process as a nation.  

This is a profound time bringing us an opportunity for change. The Scorpio constellation which highlights karma, death and transformation rules this month until Nov. 21. Death and decay play a vital role in releasing old Karmic patterns that have been deeply entrenched in us personally and collectively. As a country, we are so much richer when we embrace our diversity. As individuals we are richer when we are willing to put egos aside, share our gifts and work collaboratively with others. The end result as creatively taught in the children’s popular school play, “Greedy Gracie” is shared happiness. Everyone participates and everyone celebrates in the final achievement. So I invite you to consider Death from a spiritual perspective as not an end point but an opportunity for transformation. Transformation includes breakdown, death, gestation, regeneration rebirth and renewal. Note that the sign of the Phoenix (the bird who arises from the ashes) is associated with Scorpio. Spiritually speaking, with death there is movement from a certain level of involvement of the personality/ego to a new level of consciousness and Soul awareness. The alchemical process of transformation provides the important opportunity for us to discover our own trapped light or the “Golden Shadow” as coined by Carl Jung. We must go through the process of cleansing and moving through a void (the winter) of unknowing. We can only release the trapped light by letting go of the older energies, limiting beliefs, patterns and ways of being held within the trapped light. This is the death of the past which must occur in order for us individually and collectively embrace the positive expression of our “Golden Potential”. Our Golden Shadow includes tolerance, kindness, gentleness, clarity of vision and purpose, humility and patience. Eventually wisdom comes with silence. Have you ever noticed that the wisest often speak the least?!

Pluto which rules Scorpio, is the Guardian of the Light in all forms and expressions of Matter. As Matter, your physical body is the sacred receptacle for the luminescent light of Creation that you indeed are. The celestial energies of Pluto offer you the opportunity now to seek out your personal trapped light held within the cells of your body and activate your Golden Shadow. As you engage in this process, it offers you the opportunity to raise your vibration. You may even want to think of this process as a spiritual treasure hunt to gain clues to the deep mysteries within that will give rise to greater awareness of your untapped potential! As Americans we also have the opportunity to raise our vibration. Have you noticed in the last few days that political rhetoric has shifted from love of the Party to a higher, non-ego perspective love of Country and preservation of the Republic? Another sign of Scorpio is the Eagle! We are invited to fly higher and be closer to Spirit and our authentic selves.

So, consider the following for November: What is calling you?  What have you outgrown?  The Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon on November 14th will be a ‘Super Moon” being especially close to the Earth. This moon will magnify the intense energies of Scorpio and shed light on what old patterns or “dead weight” that need to be let go. Don’t be surprised if your emotions seem stronger or you find yourself acting impulsively. Everyone is affected by the Full Moon. Be tolerant of others at this time as they are experience the same energies. Scorpio aptly rules the generative and elimination systems.
I would like to leave you with a powerful affirmation from astrologer, Elizabeth Jones:

“I acknowledge the true power within me.
I am unafraid of that power for I know the source is Divine.
I honor others, trusting that they are exactly where they need to be.
I am renewed by the magic and mystery that is eternally present in my life.”

Have a beautiful month!

Anne H. Bentzen

October 2016                                           Making Conscious Choices

                                        "Conscious choice is soul choice and is not logical thinking." Mavin Atley

Greetings everyone,

Welcome to October-cooler weather, shorter days and falling leaves. This is a season of letting go of what you don’t need, just like the trees let go of their leaves. We stop to put away the shorts and sleeveless tops and get out the sweaters as we rearrange our closets. It is the season of the “give-away”. It is also the season of harvest. Now is the time to harvest the best of your ideas, your relationships, what is working for you as you look back upon the year and move forward. Important religious observations of Rosh Hashanah and World Communion Sunday mirror the rituals of other cultures for changing seasons in their messages of reflection, new beginnings and connection as one human family. Indeed, it is time to re-balance and recalibrate ourselves before the onset of winter. The DNA Journey highlights the message of one world family through the pieces of DNA we carry from our ancestors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyaEQEmt5ls  

So, where are we now in in the broader scheme of things? Here is a metaphysical review to explain the shifting energies of the times we are living in now.

We are in the middle of a 36 year shift that began following the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. The Harmonic Convergence, the great measurement, was actually a test of the frequency of human consciousness and the Earth revealed far greater light than ever before. 
It triggered a global awakening of many who would become the first wave of light workers. A Crystalline Grid surrounding our Earth was anchored in 1992. This grid reflects and amplifies our ascending consciousness. The planetary Ascension Grid is a manifestation of the energy evolvement and patterned growth of the Universal Consciousness. Earth is the living GAIA. The grid is her aura. The grid supports humanity’s ability to evolve to a higher resonance frequency.
For 12 years we experienced the “triple dates” 01-01-01- to 12-12-12 which were actually numeric light codes that helped to progressively activate the Crystalline Grid. 
The Precession of the Equinoxes which is the 26,000 year cycle of the Mayan calendar completed on Dec. 21, 2012 and a new cycle began. While this was an important numerological and astrological trigger for the planet, what is most important is humanity’s ascension of consciousness. Our intent and will are stronger than any astrological or numerical influence. In fact, triggers of compassionate action by our “free Will” can speed up the process of ascension.
We are in the Shift of the Ages as our solar system travels through the center of the Milky Way of our Galaxy. We have another 18 years to go. The Crystalline Grid will be complete in 2024.  

We have turned the key to activate the Crystalline Grid around the planet and more people are becoming self-aware, awakening to a realization that they are indeed part of a greater system of order in a benevolent Universe that is desiring to support them. It only takes 1% or less of the world’s population to become self-aware and shift this planet towards peace and harmony and we are doing just that! This process is not for everyone and each person awakens on their own soul’s timetable.

How to you support change amidst the changing energies around you?  Stay present. Remember the Reiki principle, Just for Today, do not worry. Worry is wasted energy. Focus on what is immediately in front of you. Consciously let go of energies which are not yours. Acknowledge any lower emotional responses that arise and release them. Hold space for others who are having difficulties at this time.
The constellation Libra (9/22-10/22) known as "the restorer of balance" now supports our ability to make conscious choices. Make conscious choices for yourself that will bring balance, peace and harmony.   Conscious choices are soul choices.

How do you spend your time and energy?  Create a balance between “Doing” and “Being”. Give to yourself opportunities for self-nurturing and find ways to stay grounded. Make choices that feel empowering. Do not choose from fear or ego. Time will continue to speed up. Take good care of your body. Get plenty of rest and stay well-hydrated. Take time for meditation, silence even if it is only turning off the radio or music in the car while commuting. Give your mind “down time”! Libra rules the kidneys and adrenals which secrete adrenalin. Balance your output of energy with what you allow yourself to receive each day. Sit outside on a sunny day for a while. Take a walk at lunch time. You will find it rejuvenating!

Have a beautiful month!

Anne H. Bentzen

September 2016                                                  Looking for the Light

Become inspired to eliminate what no longer serves you. 
Allow yourself to create a life that brings you 
a sense of purpose and joy.

Greetings Everyone,

  Welcome to September. This year seems to be flying by. Take a moment to pause and look back over your summer and the year so far. It’s amazing to review how busy we have all been this year and the amount of activities that we just packed into our summers! Hopefully August provided you with a gentle reprieve from the chaotic energies we all experienced this past spring and early summer. While we know energies will intensify with US presidential elections on the horizon for November, now is the time to pause and get ORGANIZED.

 As we move into September and are under the influence of the Virgo constellation, you may feel guided to maximize what is practical for your life. This month is about making wise choices. Virgo rules the digestive system and is ruled by Mercury, the communication planet. Energetically speaking, our digestive system is where we digest our emotions and eliminate waste. Eliminating certain old habits and placing your focus on developing a healthier lifestyle will propel you in a new direction as you develop new daily regimes this fall. I encourage you to take some time this Labor Day weekend to assess changes you would like to make to bring greater harmony and balance into your life. While Mercury is in retrograde this month until 9/22, this is a perfect time to PAUSE and REVALUATE what is working for you and what is not. Consider altering old patterns and adopting new habits and attitudes or beliefs. This may also include changing social, romantic or work relationships as well. Be honest with yourself. Find what feels authentic for you and follow it. Every small step can have a surprising impact over time when you make changes in your lifestyle that are self-nurturing. You will develop greater balance and harmony in your life as you allow for a sense of order and rhythm to evolve. I am certainly feeling improvements as I have graduated from physical therapy following knee surgery and am now working with a personal trainer for a while. I am noticing a difference in my personal self-perception and as it raises my self-esteem to feel back in shape and to be able to move with greater flexibility and ease. Your practical discernment will help you discard old habits/beliefs that are holding you back. Be open to realizations about what needs to change or is about to change.  

Change is necessary for growth. Be flexible in your thoughts and allow something new, more truthful and authentic help you transform your life in ways that you may never have imagined. I encourage you to be sensitive to those things that bring you light (joy) and happiness. Notice them. Look for them. Ask yourself, Does this feel good? Think for a moment about how the dark of the New Moon we experienced yesterday makes it easier to recognize any new light emerging into our lives. When we change a habit, relationship or condition and begin to feel better, we are growing our light. And, as we do, it is seen by others through our smiles, our laughter and our kind actions. This is how we expand the light around the world one person as a time. Take time this month from now until 9/22 to revaluate areas where you would like to make a change. Then put your plans into action after Mercury stations direct on 9/22. September is a perfect month to make some wise choices and move towards the most beautiful you the world has ever known. Let your light shine!

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that…”

Have a beautiful month!

Anne H. Bentzen

August 2016                                      Uplifting Heart and Soul with Subtle Activism

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive.
 And then go and do that.
 Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~Howard Thurman

 Greetings Everyone, 

  As July ends, our country has been on an emotional rollercoaster with the recent shooting events and political conventions. There hardly seems time to exhale before another event rocks us off our center whether it be here or abroad. Do your emotions feel like a ping pong ball being swayed back and forth by media fear mongerers and events as emerging light alternates with constricting darkness? Waves of extreme consciousness that are pulsing through our world are going to continue for the next few years as a new age of energy and harmony takes hold. If it takes 9 months to birth a baby, imagine how much time is required to birth a new human collective on this planet. It doesn't happen in a year. Everything is changing. As you feel the heavy contrast of old energy rising to be purged and released, know that it also opens us to new creative potential to move forward. The invitation is here for each of us to open to a new sense of purpose which is more humanitarian. Heart consciousness is rising on the planet in the midst of the division and separation we see. This is an exciting time to be alive.  

The use of distance Reiki an be a form of subtle activism supporting the uplifting of heart and soul for the United States of America. Yes, you can become an active player in "holding the center" and instilling calm, compassion, harmony and a sense of unity into the human collective here in America and around the world. As you consciously use Reiki to emit and send intentions of your vision of the highest potential for our country into the human collective you can support the highest outcome at the November elections and help create a better world for future generations. You can do this from the comfort of your home and be a powerful force for change. This is what Gandhi called being the change we want to see in the world. 

Have a beautiful month!

Anne H. Bentzen

July 2016                                                         Time to Nurture the Inner You!

Greetings Everyone,

Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope you have found a relaxing place to rest and enjoy this monthly newsletter by now. A busy travel weekend, many have sought to get away and exhale from the quickening pace of life we have been experiencing the first half of this year. As this year seems to be flying by, this weekend comes as a welcome relief to most. Take advantage of the beautiful weather to decompress, rest, re-ground yourself outdoors, whether at the beach, the mountains, enjoying a walk in a park, gardening or attending an outdoor BBQ. These activities bring much needed healing for all.

Financial markets and global repercussions continue to react to the shock of this week's U.K. Brexit vote. This vote brought to light many unconscious fears of the impact of immigration on financial security, the desire to protect sovereign control versus the economic integration of the EU which encourages more interrelatedness, with its invisible borders and ease of movement for business and personal travel. As is always the case, not all voters were correctly informed of the consequences of their vote. The bottom line is how do we perceive change. 

Change involves a shift in energy, an altering of direction and a transformation into something that is often new and unknown. It is the unknown that incites fear because it is unpredictable. Change itself is neutral. Our response to change depends on our soul awareness to perceive the potential that change offers us. Last month, I wrote about being open to change. This will be a recurring theme for everyone as more unconscious fears rise to the surface in the coming months to be healed. You may experience these fears in the form of dreams or reoccurring thoughts. Many fears will be given voice at the upcoming political conventions and general election campaign. Your ability to discern reactive, contracting energy from expanding energetic ideology will enable you to identify how others are perceiving potential change.

The best way especially to discern change considering the astrological forces of July's Cancer constellation is to focus on "feeling and to attend to your instinctive reactions". Cancer, known as the benevolent caregiver, oversees the breasts, stomach and solar plexus. This is the area where we “digest” our emotions”. July offers a respite from what lies ahead in August and September. So take this opportunity to breathe, relax and catch up on your "to-do" list that you wrote back in January! Notice synchronicities. Many of us are ready to start a new chapter in our lives. The focus will be on home and family, nurturing connections and a desire to balance work/career and family home life. Begin this July Fourth weekend with a declaration to be more open to receiving this month. The New Moon on July 4th (great for fireworks) offers opportunities to move into a new phase, consider new options, resolve old regrets and find emotional balance. Be open to intuition and guidance for nurturing your emotions needs.

The July monthly healing circle on Monday, July 18th coinciding with the Full Moon is a great opportunity for restoring your equilibrium, finding a higher truth that will support your ability to balance your physical and emotional needs while finding an authentic direction for moving forward. Here are important questions for July - Am I supported and nurtured where I am? Is change needed to create a more supportive home or work environment so that I can honor my responsibilities and stay true to my commitments? Be open to receiving intuition that will help you create a foundation for a thriving and fulfilling life.

Have a beautiful month!
Anne H. Bentzen

June 2016                                                       Be Flexible – Open to Change

Greetings Everyone,

As June begins we are all anticipating the arrival of summer. Kids are anxiously awaiting the end of school. Everyone is making summer plans for trips, camp, get-togethers and an opportunity to slow down a bit to enjoy the warm, playful opportunities that summer symbolizes. As heart energy continues to expand, changes appearing now and on the horizon are to be welcomed for they are inspired by our highest collective potential. Two examples in world headlines include a major anti-slavery conviction in Mauritania, known to be the last stronghold of slavery and the vote by the German Parliament to declare the 1915 Armenian killings a genocide. Both of these events are consistent with the rapid rise of heart opening this year. There is a greater recognition of and intolerance towards injustice and inequality. Offerings of forgiveness increase as rising heart energy brings clarity and new perspectives. 

Are you open to change?  Change is constant. Welcoming the positive potential of change is essential to our well-being, our health and our survival, both individually and collectively. When we are resist change we impede energy flow and become that rock in the middle of the stream. Life goes on, like the water, moving around the rock. Better to flow with the stream of life rather than accumulate stagnant energy!

Rising heart energy is allowing many, if not most, to become more accepting of change. Yes, it is easy to get comfortable in a routine. Change whether welcomed or not, provides new opportunities for personal growth and expansion. In my own life, I will be welcoming my first grandchild into the world this Fall. Wow! My husband and I are still getting used to the idea. This will be a major change that will over time usher in other changes to our lives as our family grows. Exciting and unknown simultaneously. I embrace it all and welcome life one day at a time. Happy Father’s Day to all dads and dads-to-be! 

Powerful celestial energies are available to support our ability to open and adapt this month and to discard old patterns, beliefs or attitudes that have held us back. I encourage you to be aware of an increase in your intuition this month. A rare Saturn-Neptune square (June 17th) brings an opportunity to help us connect our lower analytical mind with our higher-God mind. Notice your thoughts over these next few weeks. You may receive new perspectives via your intuition that will bring clarity for your potential, your gifts and what is realistically possible. Take time to write them down. Ask yourself, What limiting beliefs are holding me back? How can I see this situation differently? Neptune inspires, reignites our dreams and encourages us to dissolve past patterns. Becoming more flexible brings peace of mind. Practical Saturn allows us to realistically achieve greater alignment with our sense of purpose. As always, be mindful of your thoughts words and actions. Be flexible in your communications and listen carefully to others. Engage in grounding activities if you become overwhelmed. June is a great time to take a short trip. Do something a little out of the ordinary! 

Have a beautiful month!

Anne Bentzen

May 2016                                                                Thriving with Simplicity

Greetings Everyone,

  Welcome to the energy of the New Moon of May, a new cycle and an opportunity for new growth. Indeed, as I look out on this rainy Saturday morning, I am reflecting on that while this week has been very gray with intermittent rain, the rains are softening the ground for all of us gardeners who are anxious to begin planting annuals, clearing out plants that did not make it through the last year and to brighten our own personal landscapes. Whether you are seeking interior or exterior change in your life, we have all felt jostled by the energies of March and April and the reflective energies of 5 retrograde planets that continue to ignite sudden, unanticipated drama in our lives. The world has seemed very chaotic both within the US with the presidential primaries and the continued terrorist outbreaks and ISIS challenges in Europe and the Middle East region.

Welcome the unfolding of May as the Sun returns on Sunday (Happy Mother's Day!). Take the opportunity to slow down and simplify your life by asking, What is working for me? Do I really need this? This past week replays of the annual induction ceremonies at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been on TV. As bands from the 70's ( Chicago, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick and the Steve Miller Band) received awards, I was impressed by their sustained vision and ability to stay true to their musical calling. Every band has a soul of its own and the success of that band lies in the ability of the members to work together in alignment with the music in their souls to create beautiful music as a group. It is no different for each of us. As May opens and planets begin to station direct (Jupiter-5/9; Mercury 5/22) we will have more clarity around which direction feels best for us. Be in your heart and feel the potentiality of decisions that will help you simplify your life, declutter and resonate more spontaneously with those things that you love to do and bring you joy. Is it gardening, hiking, biking, being on or near the water, connecting with friends or trying something new? This is what is called living in heart consciousness by feeling (not thinking) what is right for you. As you free energy from the old and outdated, you will have more energy for just enjoying your life. Consider the freedom of less controlled schedules and obligations. What can you let go of?

Have your priorities changed in the last 3-6 months? This is the perfect time to re-evaluate what is now resonating with you. The ideas you create now may be different than what you would have thought last year. Whether you want to create a new relationship, start a new habit, a new venture, make the time to nurture these various ideas, envision the outcome, create a vision board or journal about this new direction. It is important to cultivate these new seeds. Resources are available to assist you. Consider your personal talents and skills as your first resource. The Transit of Mercury, 5/8 - 5/12, which happens every few years brings Mercury across the Sun illuminating perhaps a new pathway or idea that you had not thought of before. So keep your spiritual awareness and vibrations high to be open to receive new possibilities in whatever form they may arise.  

Have a beautiful month!

Anne H. Bentzen 

April 2016                                                     Creating Stability During Unstable Times

Greetings everyone and welcome to Spring. Although we may get one more Arctic blast on Sunday, the momentum of Spring is moving us forward. The last vestiges of winter almost seem like old energy rearing its head one last time. The thoughts we choose could never be more powerful than today. With energies accelerating so rapidly, what you think is becoming manifest more rapidly than ever before. Every thought form is energy.

Remember as a planet of free will, we need to choose what we want to create. If you want happiness, you must choose it. Any subconscious thoughts or old stories of unworthiness, it's too difficult or thinking if you create it you will lose it are all road blocks to manifesting your choices. One prominent goal we are all seeking is stability because it brings peace of mind. Stability is a choice, too. Do you want stability in your personal life, in your job, in our country???? You create the choice you choose. How you focus your brain and what your subconscious believes is paramount to creating the changes you wish to see in your world. You need to own your choice. That's the bottom line. Believe you will receive the choice you choose!

In this presidential election year, everyone wants more stability. But the paths of choice differ widely. Your thoughts do have powerful influences every day. Just last week, Donald Trump experienced an immediate and powerful backlash from social media following his comments regarding his pro life stance and personal views regarding women and abortion laws. This was energy in action by the human collective seeking to assert a call for higher values, justice and choice. More demands by you, the public, will serve to ensure greater transparency and bring clarification to political positions and policy recommendations that will affect all Americans in the future. It is clear that our political election system is antiquated and outdated for the times we are living in. Many questions are being raised on how to best represent the will of the people with unbounded delegates holding the balance! This is a call for greater equanimity, justice and representation. Perhaps it is time to replace the old energy of political party systems as well. 

April brings a time for introspection this year as a rare occurrence of 5 planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Mercury) will all be in retrograde by the end of April overlapping for 2 weeks. It is a last opportunity to revisit what old relationships you want keep, renew or let go of. Aries represents life force energy and revitalization of new energies moving through you to create new directions in your life. The presence of Uranus, the Great Awakener, in the Aries constellation will have a growing influence to support your alignment with your soul purpose over the next three years. Many people have already made significant live changes in this direction with regard to their personal relationships, jobs or living conditions. This is your time to make the same heart centers decisions.

Have a beautiful month,

Anne H. Bentzen

March 2016                                                 An Invitation to Change for the Better

Greetings Everyone!
Spring seems just around the corner now. Daffodil shoots are coming up already. It has been an unusually warm winter compared to last year!  

March is going to be a powerful month. The energy of March is about making important choices that will help you live more in alignment with your soul path to express what you love to do. Your destiny changes as you change your attitudes and character. Destiny is dynamic and ever-evolving. Each of us has the capacity to make positive choices which will influence our destiny. The energy of Pisces plus two strong eclipses and a planetary alignment provide strong support for our daily lives impacting how we move forward into April and beyond. Use March for sorting out what is working in your life and what is not. A squaring of Jupiter and Saturn play a major role in our choice making this month. These planets invite us to balance our lives between those activities that invite expansion and playfulness (Jupiter) with our responsibilities and duties in the world (Saturn). Certainly there will be more choice making in the presidential political race with the upcoming primaries this month. Watch how the presidential candidates begin to mark their words more carefully and with greater integrity as cosmic energies impress their influence on our planet with the upcoming eclipses.  

The majority of March falls under the Zodiac sign of Pisces (2/19-3/19) which is the twelfth and final zodiac sign in the astrological year completing our earth’s solar journey around the sun. Pisces signals important closure to cycles encouraging us to reflect on what ideas, activities, habits or relationships no longer serve us before embarking on new plans moving forward into Aries, the first zodiac sign of the new astrological year. We are asked to make important reorganizing choices. These choices are soul-based ones that will affect the direction we will move forward in perhaps for the rest of our lives. The New Moon/Solar eclipse on March 8th supports a karmic ending requiring a letting go but also allowing something new to come into your life. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd which follows the Spring Equinox on March 19/20th is a potent opportunity to receive clarity to create pathways in new directions. So, consider March as a month for planning and reorganization.

Perhaps you may not have watched the Oscars last night but it was in many subtle ways a platform for social change viewed around the world. The film industry is much more than entertainment. It can be a powerful influence for acknowledging social injustices, raising thought provoking questions and sensitizing us to important issues around the world. A shining example was the female Pakistani-Canadian, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a short documentary film director winner who announced to the audience that as a result of her country’s prime minister viewing the documentary film, “ A Girl in the River, the Price of Forgiveness”, highlighting the practice of “honor killing” that he was going to make changes in Pakistani laws to provide greater protection for women.  

The words of actors, actresses and film production specialists reflected for me the underlying desires of the worldwide human family for a better, kinder, more unified world. What is being really felt, not just glossed over in the media. Special moments included recognition by the president of the Academy for greater diversity within the film industry that is a truer reflection of our global community, awareness of the need for unity to overcome injustices and a call of harmony and respect for all people to stand together as equals regardless of their sexual orientation. Winning actors and actresses challenged viewers to eliminate judgement, prejudice and realize the dream of a world where everyone is respected as a human being. Leonardo DiCaprio urged everyone to accept that climate change is real. He passionately voiced the need for all human beings to assume responsibility as stewards of our planet. By working together and supporting leaders who work on behalf of humanity, he felt that we can ensure a healthy planet for the future of our children’s children. As DeCaprio urged during his acceptance speech, “do not take this planet for granted”. The Best Picture, Spotlight, which gave a voice to survivors of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, was a victory for truth and integrity. Indeed, nothing can be hidden any longer. The light of truth is exposing everything for positive change. No Exceptions!

I Ching: “No revolution of outer circumstances is every possible without first a revolution in one’s inner way of being” . 
                                                                            Change begins within.                                         
Have a beautiful month.

Anne H. Bentzen

February 2016                                        Move forward with Bold Choices

I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine during the early days of February, the beauty of fresh snow covering the trees and the gift of unexpected warmer temperatures that followed.  2016 is about making bold choices and personal energy mastery. Certainly there will be important choices for all Americans to make come November. For now though we do not live in Iowa or New Hampshire, we can still have an impact in our daily lives by the energy we carry and the choices we make.

Imagine your energy field for a moment. It can actually extends out much farther than you think in all directions ~26 feet. Now consider all the people you sit or stand next to during your day whether in the office, on the subway/train, in an exercise class or standing at the curbside waiting for the light to change. In each moment, your energy field is overlapping with someone else's energy field. The energy you are holding, your thoughts and beliefs can have a positive effect on someone else without saying a word. Make eye contact and smile. It will say volumes. If you feel moved, give the healing gift of a compliment as well. Compliments are like an air freshener, they have a wonderful way of defusing negative energy. 

Each of us has the power to choose thoughts of gratitude or compassion that will positively impact others. Just like in the movie, "Pay it Forward", you can pass this energy of love on to others. We always have a choice to run from fear or to face it. Boldly choose to walk forward remembering that you are never alone. The benevolent Universe is always offering you opportunities to achieve your highest potential. Whether you tap into the energy of truth and integrity or decide to focus on being compassionate or having more patience, those values will be felt by others as your energy fields overlap. As more people resonate with your vibration, there will be an increasing demand for truth, integrity and compassion that will develop in the human collective energy and be demanded by the society at large.  

Ultimately, integrity will become the number one value that all politicians will aspire to incoming decades. It will not happen overnight. But this is how it begins, with each one of us making that bold choice to be the director of our lives rather than by allowing life to determine the direction of our lives.

  2016 is your year to turn in the direction of your highest potential!

If you have learned Reiki, use it in a daily practice to help you release stress, be present, improve your well-being and move with gratitude, compassion and love. If you have not yet learned Reiki, I encourage you to attend the upcoming healing circle February 9th or to sign-up for a class. Reiki relieves stress, circulates energy and empowers everyone to make better choices that will support your ability to stand tall. 

 Be all you're meant to become as a gift for all whom you meet on your journey. 

Have a beautiful month,

Anne H. Bentzen

January 2016                                                  Transitioning Into New Energies

Happy New Year Everyone! Take your time moving forward into 2016! We have all felt the accelerating pace of life since 2012. Celestial energies from planetary alignments are collaborating to allow each of us time during January to evaluate how far we have come during the last three years and to give more thought as to the direction we want our life to head in moving forward. I share this information with you because planetary energies truly do effect the human collective in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. You may not feel that 2016 really gets going until February!    So what's going on, you ask?

We begin the year with Mercury going retrograde for the first of not 3 but four times this year which is unusual. Don't roll your eyes at this! Consider it a gift of reflection, that Universal "pause button" that helps each of us re-evaluate, cull and reorganize all aspects of our lives, habits, relationships, etc. to be simpler, more efficient and reflect more accurately our true authentic nature and our life purpose. Alignment with our higher self or soul purpose is what every person desires. Right?! A New Moon on 1/9 supports the unfolding of our new intentions for 2016. Jupiter also in retrograde will magnify these 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde from 1/5-1/26 allowing for greater discernment, clarity and truth. In "an orb of influence" other planets (Uranus and Pluto) will also support our ability to bring more positive energies forward by releasing old patterns, agendas and beliefs. 

January is a transition month ending one cycle and begin a new cycle or way of being that will allow you to resonant with higher vibrational frequencies. The changes you make signal your commitment to taking responsibility for directing your life. Indeed the themes for 2016 revolve around greater responsibility, integrity and truth principles. Consider, what is complete in your life? What have been the most significant events in your life over the last 3 years? How have your priorities changed? Where do you want to place greater focus and discipline? Are you ready to lay a new foundation in some area of your life?

If January sounds like a continuation of 2015, consider it the final clean-up of three years of accelerated growth! It could be a dynamic month. Trust in Divine timing and be open to new perspectives that will offer greater vision and personal fulfillment. Take January a bit slower and you will reap benefits from your reflections. 

Here's to an exciting year ahead,
 Anne H. Bentzen

December 2015                                             Be Positive - Let your Inner Radiance Shine!

Greetings Everyone, 

  As Hanukkah has begun the season of light with the lighting of the Menorah. We are reminded this time of year is filled with light and miracles. The violent events of November, however, have everyone more consumed with terrorist activities than holiday shopping. Homeland Security is again a hot topic of discussion creating anxiety for holiday travelers and commuters like. President Obama gave an Oval office address Sunday evening announcing his determination to end the threat of ISIL. The address included a call for responsibility for everyone to recognize that the extreme fundamentalism of ISIL does not represent the core values of Islam and to see the majority of Muslims as a peace loving people. Are you going to focus on fear or the potential for goodness? Remember to be conscious of where you place your attention. If you have been feeling the intensity of the emotions of the human collective (fear, panic, depression) it simply means that you have become more sensitive as an evolving human being. Be aware that as much as there are horrible things happening, there are many good things happening as well. 

Everyone is responsible for their thoughts, words and actions. We create our world by the energy we put out into the world. Using our mastery over our own energy, each of us can become a very powerful force for promoting peace in the world. It simply requires a conscious awareness to focus your intent on shining your personal radiance - your light- out wherever you go during your day. Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Each of us needs to be the light, the joy we wish to see in the world. Fear only closes the heart. Love is the greatest healing energy in the Universe. Sharing your light unconditionally with others regardless of their values, cultural background, gender, age, etc. unites rather that separates us from one another and creates more harmony in the world. A smile goes a long way and can mean so much to someone in need.

B+ or "Be positive" is a motto adopted by a family in a local church I am a member of that is the perfect message for not only any time but especially for right now as we feel so much darkness around us. This family had a severe health crisis of leukemia during which as the result of stem cell therapy, the person's blood type changed from A+ to B+. As the healing continued, it became the family motto, "Be Positive". Truly, being positive is the best way to open your heart and to shine your personal magnificence to benefit others. Whatever you put out will be reflected back to you. Yes, what goes around, comes around! It is a conscious choice to "Be Positive". But it shifts your energy and effects everyone you come in contact with at the same time. A second noteworthy "miracle" of health announced this past weekend was that 91 year old former President Jimmy Carter announced news of a clear brain scan with no cancer. Considering the news from this past August of Carter's stage IV melanoma diagnosis, this is wonderful news not only for a great humanitarian but for new forms of immunotherapy treatment.

Indeed, this year has been filled with many transitions and they will continue into 2016 but perhaps not at the same pace. We are now passing through the constellation of Sagittarius which encourages us to lift our attitudes and have more optimism. We are asked to view things from a different perspective. There is always a higher truth that than the one that you know. So ask to be shown a higher truth! There are forces to greet us if we are willing to reach out a hand to ask for help. As more light illuminates our planet, you will gain greater clarity for understanding your authentic passion and direction. Take time this season to listen to your intuition and to follow your heart, not your mind. Truth lies within the heart. That is where you will find all the answers you need. We are all being asked to listen to that inner voice. Make time to meditate, ground and center yourself daily. Distinguish what energies are yours and what you are picking up from the media and the collective. Don't complicate things. Consider more simplicity around decorations, gift giving and socializing this month. Don't take on too much.

A Capricorn Full moon arrives on Christmas Day calling for greater balance between home and work. There is a focus on family and ancestors that may be challenging but remain even keeled and don't take anything personally. Dynamic energies bring 2015 to a close. Let things be different that you thought they might turn out. Be flexible, adaptable and open. The first 2 Reiki principles of "Just for today I will not be angry and I will not worry help us live in the NOW. Let gratitude (Just for Today, I will give thanks for my blessings) be your inner fuel for new birth and joy this month.

Know you are loved and supported by a benevolent Universe that wants to see humanity succeed in creating Heaven on Earth! The potential is here already. It is up to us to choose it.

Anne H. Bentzen

November 2015
                                                                        Be Ready for Heart Connections

What a spectacular autumn we have had! Brilliant golden maples, reds and oranges yellow hues contrasted against clear blue skies. I see photos on Facebook every day of people capturing the fall foliage. Now that the leaves are beginning to fall and some trees are becoming bare, it signals a time of greater clarity and insight into see what may have been hidden in the past. In the news, Truth continues to challenge all areas of life exposing bad business practices, environmental toxins, errant political views, poor economic judgement by public figures, etc. Truth is not prejudice. The public is responding more and more to perceived injustices and imbalances such as the high cost of medical drugs. The ground swell for the greater good of the public will intensify as we move into the election year of 2016. Old establishments such as the NRA and the pharmaceutical industry are finding it harder to justify themselves. Medical research discoveries now focused on underlying mechanisms of autoimmune diseases, autism and cancer offer more hope while highlighting the destructive impact of our complex and overly stressful lives and habits. New inventions and materials such as "graphene" hold promise of a bright future offering alternatives for green living, health and well-being for all. 

The entire year has been one of progressive change. Let November be a month of transformation for you. We have been called to re-examine our root beliefs as we transition into this new age of light and harmony. Our beliefs filter all our experiences. What we believe colors how we see the world. What we believe can create inspiration or cause frustration. Becoming more self-aware has been part of this year's calling to declutter and simplify our lives. As we strive to become more of our true selves (more authentic), we must examine our core beliefs. Are your core beliefs holding you back from embracing your true potential? Whatever you believe in, is what becomes reflected back to you from the Universe. Your life is guided by belief. The more dynamic your beliefs, the more dynamic your life! You need to express your beliefs through words and actions to become actively reflected in your life's experience. Otherwise, they remain dormant. The greatest power of belief comes from a higher vision which fits your life into the larger scheme of things. Belief is the foundation of your life's meaning. The intentions you create for yourself are based on your core beliefs which are the blueprint of your life. What do you want to build with your life in 2016 and beyond?

The end of 2015 is about heart connectivity and upgrading your personal intentions and ability to authentically express your true purpose and passion. While change encouraged us this past summer to simplify and de-clutter our relationships and commitments we are now ready to sharpen our focus on what we truly want and let go of what no longer is useful in our lives. Saying "No" to something that has just not been fulfilling provides an opportunity for a better offer to come along. It also gives you the possibility of finding something that is more authentically in alignment with your personal passion. Be willing to open to new opportunities to meet new people or situations. You will find that these new acquaintances are more heart connected. We live in a Feeling Universe, not a thinking Universe. The call is to live from your heart now and not your mind. When we are heart-centered, we think and act from love and truth. The thinking mind and home of the ego, isolates us from the world acting out of fear with its primitive survival instincts to keep us safe. Take the time to do some inner work identifying what resonates with your heart. What is that thing that ignites your heart and sends ripples of joy out into the world? What would bring greater authenticity and personal satisfaction into range for you?

There are several celestial events supporting your November heart explorations. The Sun in Scorpio provides us with the laser focus we need to identify our true calling and weed out what is no longer a part of our personal identity.  An 18 month shift in lunar nodal access changing signs bringing more emphasis to our north node which governs our soul path and is perfectly timed with the New Moon beginning on Nov. 11 (Healing circle night!). These events support our heart focused intentions. Finally, the first of 3 Saturn squares Neptune conjunction signals that we are at an intersection. It is a good time to ask yourself- Does my vision match my reality?? Something has to give. What is your dream?   Remember this is a benevolent Universe and you are supported continually by unseen forces. Spend time connecting to Earth and Sky. Give thanks for your many blessings. You have more than you realize.

With gratitude for the gift of life,

Anne H. Bentzen

October 2015
                                                                     The Essential Key for an Evolving Society

It is rainy, cold and raw outside today here in NY. A good day for reflection, nurturing the body and taking life a bit slower. Are you burning the candle at both ends? This past summer and September have been full of changes as we continue to move through accelerated times. We have been searching for clarity of purpose, working on getting more organized, de-cluttering our lives, ending dysfunctional relationships and making efforts to find a more authentic course for our lives.

There is much conflict and release energy going on now all over the planet. People are acting out because they are more easily triggered and emotional due to the changing energies we are experiencing at lightening speed. The forces of change are demanding that we move to a more heart centered way of being which requires acceptance of diversity. The alarming rise of school shootings in the US to 142 in 2015 should be a wake-up call for the need for change. It is a call for us to get out of survival mode and to move into our hearts with compassion.  

The shootings in Oregon are a tragedy that should not be dismissed as "stuff happens". The shooter involved in this case was a very lonely, depressed young man who was led to commit a desperate act. To me, this act was a cry for "help" as well as an angry act of tremendous violence at a society from whom he felt abandoned. As Louise Hay describes, depression is anger turned inward and in extreme cases can result in suicide or homicide. While events such as this are highlighting the need for better mental health care and changes in gun control laws by various groups, the broader change needed by society is an opening of our hearts to provide greater compassion and recognition of every individual to live a meaningful life.

Compassion is the key to healing and preventing such tragedies before they happen in the future. In order to reverse feelings of alienation, we need to have the compassion and courage to let go of judgments that continue to divide human beings along linear lines of race, gender, culture, religious affiliation, etc. Greater compassion means less judgment. Making room for all, not just some. In order to have Peace on Earth, we have to stop killing each other and focus on what we have in common at the core of our being (our Divine Essence) rather than our human and cultural differences. As Pope Francis eloquently stated in his address to the UN assembly in September, we must honor our differences rather than to try and make everyone the same which is the goal of fundamentalism. This requires acceptance, appreciation and compassion and can only be manifested from the heart. 

The move into the heart center is paramount to the future of the human collective, our evolving consciousness and ability to live as multidimensional beings. There is "a cosmic agenda" as benevolent celestial energies continue to drive the energetic changes we are experiencing. Our solar system has entered(12/21/2012) into a new part of the galaxy where humans have never been before supporting our evolution. During the beginning of October we will continue to benefit from more time to reflect as Mercury remains in retrograde under the sign of Libra until the 9th. This is notable because Libra influences relationships and partnerships. You may find yourself re-evaluating your relationships/partnerships this month. I have already personally experienced the need for partnership reevaluation at work. What is being called for energetically is more transparency in all relationships, personal, work, political, etc. that will result in a greater authentically, balanced outcome where all may thrive. I urge you to work with the energies of the lunar cycle this month (New Moon- 10/12 and Full Moon - 10/27) as they will both provide opportunities for greater clarity, balance, beginning new partnerships and collaborations as well as a resolution of sensitive issues such as finances, core values, sensuality, self worth and more. 

Ask the question: What is meaningful to me now? Planetary alignments in October will support your ability to move forward in mid October with a refreshed enthusiasm to create meaningful changes and find inventive/creative ways to deal with projects or activities that you deeply care about. Take time to plan what you want to focus on. It will make a difference. And a final note on celestial influences, be aware that Saturn which rules your path and purpose is moving into Sagittarius which governs higher truths and wisdom for the next 2 years. This will inspire you to seek that which is sacred for you and move towards that center. Saturn in Sagittarius will be a heart opening experience that will support greater authenticity, responsibility and compassion for all.

Solutions for living in fast moving times: If you find that you are becoming more sensitive to the emotional drama that surrounds you and are easily triggered, find ways to decompress on a regular basis moving forward to maintain balance between your work week and your days off. Take time to close your eyes and just breathe slowly a few times to re-center yourself during the day. When you do this, you momentarily close the door on the world and turn inward. Reconnecting with your inner world will rebalance you so that you can function more effectively in the outer world.

Take time to discriminate what energy belongs to you. What's yours and what's not! Make a daily habit of releasing the energy that you may have taken on from your environment, be it from work, the news, bad traffic, uncomfortable relationships, etc. Remember, intention is everything. Energy follows thought. 

Try these suggestions:

1) You can easily do this in the shower by visualizing the water washing away what does not serve you. Invite the water to wash away energy which doesn't belong to you. Give thanks to the element of water for this process. Intend that the water is bringing fresh light into your body as it washes away subtle energies that need to be discarded. Thank Gaia for transmuting them.  

2) Another way is to use Epsom's salts in the shower to scrub the skin which often recommended as a great detoxifier during cleanses. Using Epsom's salts will help neutralize and release subtle toxic energies that are adhering to your body. If you are sensitive, you will be able to feel a slight change as you do this. You might even notice yourself sigh or shift your breathing as you scrub your skin with the salts. A simple remedy that is very effective.

3) Take walks in nature. Get outside during your lunch break. Breathe in the fresh air and connect with the Earth. Remember that Gaia is living, benevolent being who is feeding you with energy to support your personal evolution. You can derive energetic strength from reconnecting to the Earth and to Spirit regularly. It will not only keep you grounded but provide a necessary stability and balance for walking through these fast times with strong boundaries and compassion.

4) Make time to meditate and connect with Spirit. You have resources waiting to assist you. But you need to ask! 15-20 minutes a day can make a world of difference in how you navigate through your day.

Enjoy Autumn.   Be amazed at the splendor of the season and grateful for your blessings.  

Anne H. Bentzen

September 2015                                              Making Powerful Choices

It's Labor Day! Take a deep breath....

Welcome to September everyone! While Labor Day marks the official end of summer we can also use today an a marker for how far we've come this year. A hectic winter and spring led to much re-evaluation during the summer, recalibration, de-cluttering and reorganization. Many lives have and are in transition as you read this email. Thousands of immigrants are moving across Europe hoping for a better life. It is the energy of the times we are in....looking for a more meaningful, a more authentic expression for our lives. 

September energies bring a more expansive clarity and a knowing for making powerful choices that will support a truly authentic expression that is in alignment with your soul purpose. Be sensitive to what resonates with you. Allow your body to give you clues to the potential of decisions. When you follow an authentic path, you are walking in your power.

There is a great misunderstanding around the word, "power". In our western culture and modern history we often associate power with negative emotions such as greed, entitlement, selfishness, egocentric behavior, etc. These are not the attributes of authentic power of the Soul. Authentic personal power is the ability to let your light, the essence of your Soul, your "I AM" presence lead the way. This view of power is compassionate, self-loving and self-affirming. When you are in your personal power you take and accept responsibility for yourself as the creator of your life. No more victims. No more leaning on anyone else to take care of you. But understand that as you claim your power, you are simply declaring a direction for yourself in your life. The beautiful part of this process is that you are NOT alone. More importantly, you now invite the Universe and all Divine energy to assist you in what you want to create. You are now creating from abundance rather than scarcity. All energy will follow to support you as long as you stay out of doubt! Remain focused on what you want to create. Remember, energy follows thought. So, mind your thoughts!

Doubt and worry are aspects of fear that close the heart. Trust that the Universe is a benevolent partner that wants you to succeed in creating from your Soul light the destiny for which you incarnated. It all begins with self-love. As you create from love, you send love out into the world. The more powerfully you resonate with the vibration of love, the more abundantly the Universe will show up to support you. Have gratitude for just how much you have grown personally in just the last few years...or just the last nine months! 

The world is changing rapidly. We are in the middle of a 36 year window of transformation that began 17 years ago. Human consciousness is evolving to a new level of potential. But it requires that you make powerful decisions now and become the master of your emotions, your energy and your life. Your appreciation will propel you forward with an open heart. What powerful choices will you make this month?

September has 2 eclipses: a solar eclipse with the new moon next weekend (Sept.12) and a lunar eclipse on the full moon at the end of the month.(Sept. 27-28) Eclipses magnify the energies of the lunar cycle. As we approach the new moon, take time during the 3 days before- the balsamic phase- to set your intentions for stepping into your power this month. You will find that you have more clarity for making important choices. Celestial forces of planets and constellations continue to support your ability to discern a higher path. This can be a magical time. Let the Universe assist you on your way.

Be open to Grace. Have a beautiful month.

Anne H. Bentzen

August 2015                                    Rearrange, Simplify and Move Forward

Greetings Everyone,

  It's still hot but a lot less humid than earlier this week. July has been a spacious and expansive break these last two weeks from June and the first six months of the year. I hope you have found some time to exhale from all the busyness of life.  

This summer I have been enjoying Deepak Chopra's free 21 day journey on Manifesting Grace through Gratitude. Cultivating grace through gratitude enables us to grow the light within our own Soul. Gratitude is not only the key to living in a state of grace but it is also an important aspect of authentic living. Yes, it is possible for all of us to live in a peaceful state. We are often misguided into thinking that the Higher Self separate, far away and difficult to connect to. The opposite is actually true. The Higher Self is intimately connected to your being and ego. I like to think of them as two sides of a coin. The ego is concerned with the material world and "I", "me" and what is mine. You need both. But you get to decide who is in charge!

In actuality, our higher self is here all the time waiting for us to focus on gratitude, love, truth and joy. Gratitude is the portal to your higher self and to living with an authentic expression of who you truly are. It keeps us humble about our human limitations and encourages us to trust that a benevolent Universe is supporting us as we move through our own spiritual journeys from doubt to certainty.

Be well and take time to connect within this summer.

Anne H. Bentzen

July 2015                                        Making Time for Authentic Joy This Summer

Greetings Everyone,
    July approaches with a high energy Full Moon, the first of 2 full moons this month! That makes July a Blue Moon month! We have just come through an incredible week of high energy, life altering events from violence, to outpouring of cries to heal the divide of racism to the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage. In viewing these events one can see the desire of the country to seek higher ground, to find a new balance point from which we as Americans can redefine ourselves, what our country stands for and what type of environment we want to live and raise our families. This is a process that will continue to play itself out as we approach the November elections of 2016.  

The celestial energies in month of July support an opportunity for everyone to focus on creating a more solid foundation that supports you and allows you to thrive. The Cancer-Capricorn full moon on July 1st invites you to take time to think about how you are balancing your home life and your career. Look at your home base. Review your home responsibilities. Seek compassion and gentleness around any conflicts that arise. Full Moons are a time of heightened energy and your emotions will be stronger. Resist the urge to react and respond to issues with mindfulness. Be good to yourself and make time to nurture yourself this month.

 What are your personal needs? Reconnect with what a deep and soulful level. Remember that what you focus on, you create. Go with the flow. Be optimistic and have faith in life. Let life be a reflection of who you really are. I invite you to explore what brings you authentic joy (your heart's desire) this summer. Capricorn encourages you to look at the road you are on. Do you like where you are heading? If not, now is the time to make changes

Remember that the Universe is benevolent and supports your ability to express your highest Self. As we move through the summer and into the Fall, embrace clarity for your personal Truths. Separate fact from fiction. Be willing to shift your priorities in order to embrace a more authentic and simpler lifestyle.

Blessings to you,
Anne H. Bentzen

June 2015                                        Navigating Through Fast Times - A Primer
Greetings Everyone,

  I want to provide some suggestions for managing your energy during these very heightened times of fast moving energy. The last several weeks have been very busy for many. I have become aware of many people who are either dealing with acute illnesses or have broken a leg. Others have experienced the loss of a relationship or a loved one. There has been an increase in computer hacking. There is an enormous pulling of energy back and forth that is making it difficult for us to move forward. This is the dance of friction between an old way of being and a new more authentic way of being that wants to be birthed.  

Remember that what we are feeling in our daily lives is a reflection of what is going on at the macrocosm or world level. A quick browse through the headlines will quickly reveal the tremendous conflicts economically and environmentally via trade agreements, politically via governmental security, power struggles and war in Syria and Iraq, millions of homeless in Syria and Nepal, etc. This chaos incites fear and raises questions about safety both personally and as a country.

Astrologers remind us that we are in a period of Mercury retrograde which began on May 21 and will end on June 12. I like to refer to Mercury retrograde as a Universal pause button. We are asked to stop "doing" and spend more time reflecting and "being". During this time, there can be much confusion, miscommunication and previous made plans can get foiled or postponed. The energy that people are feeling now is very consistent with this celestial energy and we would be well advised to focus on centering, realigning and restoring good boundaries for our personal well-being.  

We all have the ability to develop mastery over our own energy. This is a balancing act and it's very personal. 
First reconnect with yourself. Get out of your head and into your body. Breathe 5 slow deep breaths into your abdomen. Feel your feel on the floor. Energy follows thought. Take a warm salt bath, do yoga, use aromatherapy or burn some incense. Our olfactory centers bypass the brain. Now Reconnect with Spirit. Realign vertically. Meditate. Make room for daily "Quiet time" to sit. It will keep you centered. Do small, simple tasks of daily living first. You will find them very grounding. Do what soothes you.
Anchor yourself to the Earth through exercise -Take a walk/run in nature. Put on some music and dance around the house, go swimming, play tennis, bike, golf or whatever you enjoy. Exercise helps flush out excess energy that has been overwhelming you.
Connect with your emotions. How do you feel? You can place a hand on your heart and solar plexus chakras to help you connect with your body. What is the emotion running behind the stories in your head? When we become conscious of an emotion that is running us, we can heal it. 
Discriminate between what energy is yours and what is not. Do not take on the anxiety of others. Which stories are yours and which belong to other people? Stay present. Fear takes us out of the present.
Get enough sleep!  I cannot over-stress this enough. Our bodies heal while we sleep.
Good nutrition is essential. Eat wholesome, non-processed foods. Be mindful of what you choose to eat. Eat foods filled with B vitamins that will support your adrenals. Cut out or reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol and sugars. Eat at regular meal times. Avoid "on the go" fast food. Eat low sugar fruits and veggies
Stay hydrated!  Water is the best beverage to flush out toxic energy and support cellular health.

Embodying the 5 Reiki principles are a wonderful way to navigate through these heightened energy times. Our world is speeding up. We need to keep pace with the Earth. Staying present is the best solution. As you open to living in the moment, you make yourself available to infinite possibilities and outcomes.  

So, Just for today.....
•Do not be angry
•Do not worry
•Be Grateful
•Live with integrity
•Love yourself and every living thing 

There will be more clarity and a leveling off during the second half of June thanks to a shift in celestial energies. We are all One interconnected web of life. Remember, YOU are not alone on your journey. The Universe has your back!

Have a beautiful month!!
With blessings,
Anne H. Bentzen

May 2015                                       The Power of You is in your Heart      
Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying these warm May days! While enjoying being outside, it is a great time to observe Nature and learn from it. Look at the budding trees and plants. The source from which plants seem to spring to new life lies deep within, not on top of the plant or at the ends of their branches. We are no different.  

Our source and the center of our personal authenticity is our HEART - not our minds. Last month I spoke of finding and living your True North - your authenticity. This month as Spring blossoms forth, expand your energies by focusing on being true to your feelings and listening to the needs of your body. The body never lies. It relays signals for hydration, fuel, sleep etc. When you pause to take stock of your feelings, you can sense the emotions of the moment, whether it be contentment, anxiety, jealousy, anger, fear, love, happiness,etc..   The point is that you need to pause to connect!  When you do, you can find your authentic center in your heart. Acknowledge the wisdom of this center which calls for your attention. Living in alignment with your heart center is being authentic.  Authenticity is powerful! Being authentic is the BEST natural boundary you can have. 

The heart is the power center of You.  Not just a blood circulation pump, the heart is your energetic center. Within the sacred heart center just above your physical heart, lies your essential nature, your Divine spark and your light. You are love and that love is seen by others as your light. The love within your heart is your home. Your authentic center which holds the treasure of your personal peace and love.  You can locate your sacred heart center under your sternum, half way between your physical heart and your throat. Some refer to it as your high heart. When you are authentic, you can know a greater level of peace because you are centered in yourself. You understand which emotions are yours and which belong to others. Many of us absorb the energies of others unnecessarily taking on "their stuff". Honorable detachment allows you to be there for others without taking on their problems and energy as your own. You can "feel for another" from your heart acknowledging their situation without connecting to their suffering.

As you enjoy Spring, first connect to your high heart and your light. Let the beauty of Nature help you expand yourself from deep within. Release into the Earth any energies that are not yours that you have taken on from others. Finally allow what you share with the world to be Your Truth, the beauty of Your Authentic Self. The world needs your Light!  When you do this, you will discover a new sense of peace within yourself.

With blessings!
Anne H. Bentzen

April 2015                                         Step Boldly Into Spring
Greetings Everyone!

  Spring is ready to burst forth with warmer days approaching. Calmer days and more productivity will be available for you to get things done as we move through April. Take this opportunity to step forward now after the energetically volatile month of March, to really embrace your authentic self, what you are truly meant to be in this life or what some term, "Your True North". What you think and feel is what you will create. Whatever you believe, even unconsciously, will influence what becomes reflected in your outer life. Truly, we must change our thinking and feeling on the inside, if we want it reflected in our outer world. If you are still holding onto anger or have yet to forgive someone, now is the time to complete this old way of being so that you can take advantage of the "seeding" energy that April offers. 

For the last 3 years the news has been full of watching lies exposed (Brian Williams), criminal and illegal financial dealings unearthed and many old belief systems begin to tumble. You are certainly aware of work and romantic relationships that have ended, people who have relocated across the country and others who have died. We are all trying in one way or another to find our "True North". Despite the continued violence that continues to erupt in the news, be conscious of bright sparks such as:

- The Arab League is moving forward to take a stand against radical Islamic terrorists
- The US/Iran and 5 other world powers have reached a historic agreement on nuclear development. While Israel remains vehemently opposed, there is hope for the young Iranian youth who have felt oppressed their entire lives as evidenced by the outpouring on social media. 
-Immediate outcries by corporations to the controversial Indiana Law are evidence that mainstream America is no longer tolerating sexual bias or discrimination.
-More business headlines on discrimination or preferential treatment are exposed weekly. Integrity is becoming the new gold standard.

All of these events and more are signals of old cycles, associations, habits or beliefs ending and perspectives shifting as we are all trying to find our "True North" individually, as citizens and as a global community. I encourage you to look ahead to what is coming rather than to what is leaving. What is going on energetically is more important than what you see/feel physically/emotionally. 

A "Cosmic Agenda" in April supports our moving forward beginning with the Full Moon lunar eclipse at 8:05 am tomorrow, April 4th. Remember that eclipses magnify all energies. As you may know, Aries is the first month of the Zodiac. As a beginning point, this is a good time to be open to new insights for the coming year. Are you at a turning point in your life? As Jupiter, known as "The Great Benefactor" stations direct on April 18th combined with a New Moon, be observant to new opportunities, new connections and understanding which will lead to a very productive time the following week. April is a great time for Spring cleaning, starting a new health regime or getting meaningful projects house projects done. Let the bold, courageous energy of Aries guide you to listen to your innate knowing and to following your instincts. 

With blessings,

Anne H. Bentzen

March 2015                                 Steady As You Go........Forward

The dynamic celestial energies approaching in March are going to create a sense of urgency in the air. Learning Reiki is one excellent answer to maintaining balance through these very unpredictable times. Imagine your heart surrounded by a "snow" of emotional distress. Perhaps you feel frustrated or choked by doubt, despair, grief, guilt or failure. Reiki heals by helping to "melt" the emotional "snow around your heart" so that you can connect with your authentic self again. As more people become aware of a deeper yearning for their spiritual center, those who have learned Reiki can serve as a calm port in the active month ahead.  

Another snow storm brought March in like a lion. By now we are saying enough already! I am ready for Spring. Even the deer walked up my driveway last night and ate the only thing left in sight, blue spruce needles. Now they are really desperate! The powerful active weather we are experiencing is a good metaphor for the active, dynamic nature of celestial energy headed our way. When the Universe says now, it means NOW! The celestial influences of the outer planets, the final Uranus-Pluto square which I mentioned last month, will hopefully propel you to move forward if you have felt stuck, gain new clarity on a situation or even be inspired for a new project or direction for the future. It will be easy to feel overwhelmed mid-month or feel a sense of urgency that something desperately needs to get done. I urge you to rather step back, slow down and stay in your normal health routines as much as possible without taking on the seemly frenetic energies that others around you may be expressing. Having Reiki can make all the difference in your ability to maintain a calm center and be the master of your emotions during March. Your light can be a beacon for others and help defuse potential upset.

                      "A time is at hand when old structures dissolve so new action can emerge" ~ I Ching #23  
It is important to maintain good boundaries during these volatile times to keep your equilibrium.  Practice grounding yourself regularly and exercise. A crossroads approaches with the Full Moon on Thursday, March 5th requiring decisions that may unfold to be very significant in to future both personally, nationally and globally.  Don't be hasty but bring balance to your physical and spiritual life with your decisions. I encourage you to listen to your intuition as a powerful Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse arrives on 3/20. This is your time to let go and wipe the slate clean. Be open to messages from your soul. Listen carefully.

Despite how much snow you have in your own back year take comfort that the worst bitter cold days are behind us. Do you feel the warming sun getting stronger now? In fact temperatures are rising and the snow will begin to melt. Remember that "Spring doesn't begin on the surface...it begins below the ground".   Get ready to plant your seeds-write down what you want grow in your life!

Spring forward this weekend! Daylight Savings time is Sunday, March 8th.

Anne H. Bentzen

February 2015                                  The Path of Highest Choice

I write to you as we have just finished shoveling out of our second major snow storm of the new year and the weather bureau is predicting more to come. Seems like winter will be around for a while! So let us use this time for keen observation. I include astrological information in my blogs because every astrological event sends out a vibration. Mindfulness of these events can support our personal journeys as we attune to the greater energies in the cosmos that are influencing life on our planet. As Buddha said, Attention is everything! On the rising of the full moon tonight next to Jupiter, these cold winter days and nights are a perfect time to turn inward and give yourself time to reassess your spiritual path, your personal visions and life dreams. Winter is a time for carrying the seeds (ideas and actions) that we want to plant in the Spring. While Mercury remains in retrograde until February 11th, this is a perfect time for review, reevaluation and restructuring of your personal path. Does it reflect your center, your ethics and your truth? Pause and observe the world around you and then choose a path from your heart that allows for well-being, dignity, respect and happy co-creation.

Use February to gain some new perspectives. You are supported by the powerful outer planets Uranus-Pluto Square to challenge old patterns and beliefs in the rise of new energies/ideas. Take time to meditate and calm your mind. Set an intention or have a question/situation you want to reflect before you begin. Connect to the Earth and sky using your breath. Create a flow of energy moving energy up from the Earth (visualize green) up through your body to your heart from Earth as you inhale. Continue on the exhale as you send the Earth energy to the sky. Then on the next inhale bring the energy of the sky/stars (visualize blue) through your crown chakra and into your heart. Continue moving the sky energy as you exhale sending it down to the Earth. As you continue breathing with this intention you become the bridge between Earth and sky. You are the connection and part of the All. 

Raising your vibration through meditation, reading something spiritually inspiring or spending time outside in Nature will allow you to see others in a new light, have greater tolerance and forgive more easily. Be flexible during these uncertain times as there are many astrological changes and new energies that will bring clarity for you in the coming months. Be patient with yourself. If you feel weary, make sure you are not taking on energy that is not yours. Let go of projects that no longer speak to you. Use the cold weather to focus on the clutter within that you can let go of. As February comes to a close, you may feel new energies coming in that will give you the drive and strength to find the confidence you need to accomplish new tasks. Take your time and choose wisely for yourself. These are extraordinary times!

With blessings!
​ Anne H. Bentzen

January 2015                            
                                               A Year for Self-Mastery and Dynamic Creation

January has started with dramatic weather changes, earthquakes in strange places and political violence in the news. An early January full moon this week signaled the culmination of a lunar cycle and in the case of Paris, a violent confrontation. The immediate response by the French people was to stand in solidarity and unity in response to those who would endeavor to incite fear and destruction. The collective response by thousands chanting, "We are all Charlie" and "We are not afraid" is an inspiring picture of the continued awakening of the human collective. France is the most ethnically fractured country in Europe with a large immigrant population. The French attack is but one sample of the continued re-balancing we will all continue to experience as people and nations stand in solidarity against terrorism and fear. It is time to shift our focus from what is going wrong to what is going right. Powerful cosmic energies are converging in 2015 energies bringing more light to support our planet's evolution to the 5th dimension and requiring that we change along with it. Transparency is demanded now. Nothing that is not in Truth will be allowed to remain. All lower energies of falsehood, deceit, hatred, betrayal, etc. are being brought to the light and exposed in order to be cleared.

I am very excited about the new energies coming in for 2015. We are leaving behind two very difficult years of major life transitions in all areas of life in which we have struggled to become more authentic and live with greater integrity in our personal expression, actions and relationships. 2015 may seem like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Significant astrological events of outer planet alignments occurring now between Pluto and Uranus along with a solar eclipse in March will offer support for positive change by giving you the energy to complete old cycles. You are encouraged to break free from old, limiting core beliefs that have been controlling how you see the world and live since perhaps childhood. The exceptional total solar eclipse on March 20 brings powerful energy to assist you in making the choice to embrace a more authentic identity for yourself and free you to go to a new level of expression. This year is about your authentic knowing of who you are and what you believe. Now is the time for self-doubt to fall away! The cosmos is passing the torch to you. Are you ready?  

Carpe Diem, seize the day, is the motto for this year. The challenge this year is all about choice and what you choose to believe about yourself. The more you believe that you are the director of your energy and the creator of your life, the more powerfully your life will show up. We predict our own lives by our choices and our directions. Know what you believe in order to know what you want. Every moment is your moment of creation. You are only responsible for your own choices. There is no more victim. You are in control of creating the job, the relationships and the life that you want. Can you feel into exactly what you want and focus your intention on what you want? When you do that, the Universe will respond. The Universe cannot help you if you do not know what you want. 

Focus on self mastery this year for showing up authentically in your own Truth and you will see your world change. When you are in your knowing, creation becomes easy. All creation comes from love, joy, passion and fun. Create first from self-love by creating a balance in home, work and relationships. This is essential if you love yourself. You must put yourself first. Everyone was energetically granted a beautiful life the moment they were born. It is your right. You don't have to do anything to deserve everything. Everyone is capable of being a powerful creator. No longer does anyone need to create pain in order to experience a positive. If you want to attract wonderful people, begin by loving yourself. As you change your inner energy, it becomes reflected outwardly. I find it very synchronistic that the new comet appearing to the right of the Orion constellation was named Lovejoy for its Austrailian discoverer. Love and Joy are the energies we are being called to embrace as the foundation of easeful creation. Create with love and joy. The "magic wand" is in your hands!

Ask yourself these three questions:
How do I see myself?
How do I see the world?
How does the world see me?
The 3 answers must all be in alignment. See yourself as a powerful creator of your own energy, see the world as full of possibility and opportunity that supports you and see the world responding and delivering to you your creations because the Universe recognizes you as a powerful creator.  

Best always,

Anne H. Bentzen

December 2014
                                                                          Opening to Joy
Our planet Earth is making it clear that our priorities must be aligned with our highest Truth. It is a time for redefining what we believe and discarding old cultural judgments of our parents' generation. As the collective mind awakens, greater acceptance of diversity will follow along with a continued demand for social justice until human rights are respected regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  Remember that from a higher perspective, there is no black, white yellow or red.  We are all one, one energy manifested into infinite forms of matter by the Source of all creation.

The ultimate expression of an open heart is joy. Joy is expansive and contagious! While going through an airport recently I was able to feel the ripples of joy as relatives and friends who had obviously not seen each other in a long time were reunited. The joy was palpable. Joy is unconditional. 

The holidays are filled with special music. This month I  had the privilege of singing part 1 of Handel's Messiah. It is amazing how such divinely inspired music can lift one's spirit and create transformation. Sound vibrations create incredible healing opportunities for the soul, opening the heart. As the heart opens a conscious sense of gratitude follows. One cannot grasp the light unless they are willing to let go of the darkness. The act of surrender opens the door for the light to come in.  In the darkness of the Solstice, allow music of your choice to embrace you in a way that allows you to let go of those burdens that should be left in 2014 and not carried into the new year.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year that marks the return of increasing sunlight over the next 6 months. In addition, it is the beginning of a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Capricorn and the planet Uranus which rules the higher mind stationing direct. These three important events create a potent influx of electromagnetic energy. A rich potential for positive change is available to you that will bring you into greater alignment with your soul self in the coming months. Take the time now at this Solstice for reflection, silence and meditation. Make plans with creativity and innovation that will help create a secure foundation and support you in those ideas you are most passionate about during this New Moon cycle.

My wish for you is that you will feel a wave of joy this holiday season. Let the light of the season inspire you to turn in the direction of new possibilities that will move you powerfully forward into 2015. Welcome the light. It is returning in a very BIG way.

  Best always,

  Anne Bentzen

November 2014
                           Fear , doubt, and stubbornness….Beat it with the Power of Five!

Your perspective is everything. An energetic shift from the perspective of focusing on what is broken to what is possible is very important now. As we remember that energy follows thought, the more we think about the things that scare us, the more energy we give to the manifestation of those fears. Alternatively, shifting your thoughts to what you would like to see in yourself, in others, in your environment is uplifting for you and everyone around you. The truth is that each of us is a co-creator, an extraordinary being because we have the ability to create the future with the thoughts we think today. While we only have the power to change ourselves, we are capable of triggering changes in others by the energy we project.

Do you have the courage to change? Can you think positively that by allowing for another possibility you might be actually open yourself up to something better than being stubborn and holding on old views, old ways of being that actually no longer serve you. A greater sense of connectedness only comes when we have a willingness to set aside our own opinions and judgments and open to the possibility of the views of others. Can you climb out of the valley of judgment and see the potentiality of your own future happiness? Your first priority is yourself and your own life lessons. Things from the past are now coming forward to be completed. Service to others will follow as a natural outgrowth of an open heart. Look for messages coming through in unusual ways like cosmic breadcrumbs. Be alert!

James Altucher reminds us that YOU are the average of the Five people around you the most. YOU are also the average of the Five Things that inspire you the most. YOU are also the average of the Five Things you think about the most. Similarly, your body reflects the average of Five Things you eat the most. And finally, YOU are the average of the Five Things you do to help people every day (openhearted). Five Things create an energetic average of every aspect of your being, both physically and energetically. 

Gratitude is the gift of the season. It is an antidote to stubbornness, fear and doubt. Counting our blessings and showing appreciation shifts your energy and your focus and opens your heart. Simultaneously, gratitude allows you to let go of your own personal stubbornness and be open to change as an adventure with the attitude that change can be good, fun and beneficial.

I invite you to let this season of Thanksgiving be a season of letting go of stubbornness, see your values in a new light. What matters most to you? Be open to receive the gratitude of others and in return be able to open your heart and express gratitude in return. This is the greatest gift we can give each other, to open our hearts and share the joyous love that is the essence within all of us and which ultimately defeats fear and brings peace to the world.  
Blessings to you all!
Anne Bentzen

October 2014

Keeping stress under control is a daily problem we all contend with from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed. Certainly with all the newspaper headlines about Ebola and threats from ISIL, everyone is walking around with a heightened level of concern.  Even the stock market is bouncing around as it reacts to the the latest headlines. Yes, a correction is needed to put life back in proper perspective and get a grip on the fear that is running rampant.

In 1998, Dr. Bruce Lipton's research from Stanford University Medical School suggested that over 95% of all illness and disease is linked to stress. So how do we define stress? What qualifies as stress?  According to Wikipedia, Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or anxious.

Compounded over time and allowed to go unchecked, stress becomes the #1 source of illness and disease. Stress puts your immune system on hold. As a result, your physiological stress symptoms are caused by insufficient energy at the cellular level!!!  Learning energy healing allows you to balance the effects of stress by turning your immune system back on!

Professor Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University has stated, "Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body".  Medicine is beginning to realize through the discoveries made by quantum physics that not only is everything energy (E=MC2) but that energy is the new paradigm for understanding the how everything in the Universe functions. 

Balancing destructive cellular frequencies in your body is the key to restoring health and combating the effects of stress! Basic energy healing as available through Reiki will enable you to shift and balance stress that has stagnated your life force energy within your physical body. Learning Reiki is a simple and effective tool everyone can learn to balancing the harmful effects of stress in your daily life! Visit me at the Awaken Wellness Fair on November 23rd in Tarrytown, NY to experience the difference Reiki can make for you!  You will be amazed.  Blessings!  Anne Bentzen

Fall Equinox  September 23rd, 2014

The Equinox is a time of perfect balance when there are an equal number hours of light and darkness. It is also said that the veils between our seen world and the unseen are very thin at this time and channels between us and the higher realms are more open. Indigenous cultures have marked the Solar cycles for thousands of years. We are aware of many archaeological structures such as Stonehenge and many Mayan ruins in Mexico and Central America that are designed for the Equinoxes and the Solstices. At this time, we pause to look back upon the seeds we carried from the Winter Solstice, planted in the Spring and have nurtured all summer. We are at the time of harvest now. It is a time for thankfulness and gratitude for walking the journey of this Solar year that began last December. It is a time for a balance between the masculine and the feminine as well as the yin and yang life forces.

Many changes are pressing simultaneously across all sectors of life around the globe. Think a moment about the changes our planet has been making. The Earth is erupting in the Philippines and Hawaii releasing pressure from beneath the surface. August earthquakes surprised us in California and Oklahoma. We just received a strong geomagnetic storm from sun solar flares last Friday effecting the entire planet. Did anyone see any Northern Lights?? In general, weather patterns continue to be very unpredictable. But understand that the Earth is raising her vibration from her core and we need to change with her.

At this point of seasonal balance, pause to see the Truth of how powerful you are in creating your own reality. Integrity will be the cornerstone for the foundation of the new global society that is emerging. Lies and mistreatment of women and physical disciplinary practices towards children are not being tolerated by the majority. Americans are no longer turning a blind eye toward these issues. Thousands marched on Sunday to mark the International Day of Peace! Each of us can be an instrument for positive change. We are all responsible for what we put out in the world.  Which side of the fulcrum will you stand on??

The Golden Rule may seem like a simple child's instruction, but it is meant for the collective human family. When we learn to treat others as we would like to be treated, we will have peace in this world. Let's shine more light on Truth that all have a place, all have a voice, and all have value because everything is sacred. Consider this as you set your intentions/goals for the coming month. The Equinox falls on a New Moon! Choose goals that will support your highest good to focus on in the coming 4 week lunar cycle. Make time to move forward in some significant way. Blessings! Anne Bentzen