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Soul Directed Healing - An Esoteric Experience
The purpose of Soul Directed Healing is to restore balance and alignment to your chakra system from physical, emotional or mental trauma and/or exposure to prolonged stress.  Energy centers known as chakras play an essential role in sustaining the health of our physical bodies.  Stress and traumas will imbalance chakras causing the flow of our life force energy to slow and possibly become stagnant.

Soul Directed Healing involves the channeling of energy for the highest potential of the receiver by connecting directly to their soul light.  All healing work becomes directed by the soul of the recipient.  As the healing practitioner focuses on the chakra system, the recipient's soul directs energies for the restoration and  balance of all layers of the 7 major chakra centers.  Also known as esoteric healing, this work provides support for all the glands and organs associated with each chakra center.   People often experience shifts of consciousness which allow them to alter life habits and begin a healthier lifestyle.  

Soul Directed Healing is often done off the body in the human energetic field (HEF) of the client. Long distance healing work is accomplished by direct attunement with the soul light of the client.  No symbols are necessary in this form of healing.

There are no side effects or contraindications from receiving this work. Both Reiki and soul directed healing also assist with end of life transition providing peace and comfort. Both are safe in all situations for adults, children and pets.
Recent Testimonials

"Thank you again for the two healing sessions. After each of the healing sessions I experienced a peacefulness and an expanded space to be with this new awareness, and...it created peaceful openings in a couple of relationships where I have contributed a lot of unworkability around how I communicate.  I feel the sessions assisted in removing blockages more thoroughly and provided a deeper sense of peace and well being and self-responsibility." ~ JR 

"Looking back as the past couple of weeks--I believe you may have opened-up aspects of my character formerly resting dormant beneath my surface.  Work, home life and simply day-today-situations have been met not with the usual "dread" or "worry" but simply faced "straight on".  I thank you for your efforts on my behalf and look forward to the next daily "challenge!"  ~ R. Farina

"Anne's distance healings have helped tremendously!  I feel her pulling off my blinders, stuck in old ways only to be revealed what is rightfully mine!  I just resisted what was already manifest!   I am quiet although there is upset swirling around me. Abundance is everywhere."  ~ L.G. Stern, DC  
Soul Directed Healing - The Roots of Esoteric Healing

Modern esoteric healing evolved in the 1960's in England as the result of the work of Brenda Selby-Johnson who was a serious metaphysical student at the Arcane School where she studied the works of Alice Baily and a Tibetan master Djwhal Khul. Brenda Johnson discovered while working with English scientist Rex Riant, a pioneer of the development of radar during WWII, that they could precisely define and treat weak and/or congested areas within the human energy field. In their work they found this treatment method to provide a more effective result than a hands-on treatment. As a result of their collaborative work, Brenda Johnston began lecturing on this work in England, Canada and finally in the United States in 1986.  She developed a 3 course curriculum which has been shared worldwide resulting in the creation of the International Health Research Network which was renamed the International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH) in 1993.  

The early history of Esoteric healing is revealed in the writings of Alice Bailey from 1919 - 1949 who channeled the teachings of Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul who lived as an abbot in the late 19th century in a Tibetian monastery located in northern India.  He was believed to have been a spiritual preceptor to a large group of Llamas. It was his intent to pass knowledge of the ancient ageless wisdom telepathically to Alice Bailey for the purpose of aiding Humanity on its path to develop Right Human Relations.