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Energy Is Key to Your Health and Longevity!
The Human Energy Field (HEF) - Integral to your Biology!

Science and quantum physics now acknowledge the existence of a human energy field (HEF) which surrounds and permeates the human body. Energy centers called chakras in the HEF support the health of our endocrine system, the nervous system, internal organs and associated glands. Life’s daily stresses can easily imbalance these energy centers, causing them to become restricted thus diminishing the flow of life force energy through and around the body. True health according to Asian medical teachings requires harmony within these subtle bodies of energy to support the health of the physical body. Alignment and balance of these energy centers restores proper flow of energy through your body to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

   Energy medicine is complementary to traditional medical care!

Energy Healing - Resonating with healthy cellular vibrations  
​ The goal of all energy healing techniques is to re-balance the human energy field and facilitate the physical body’s own ability to heal itself. 

Vibration is at the heart of all creation. Energy healing utilizes the Universal Energy of creation which is love. Energy healing draws on this pure, high vibrational frequency and makes it available for you. Through the use of a gentle, light or near-body touch, energy healing invites areas of imbalance to come into resonance or harmony with this vibration. A deep relaxation response enables your body to clear, balance and re-energize the human energy system to support your well-being. By eliminating low vibrational energies blocking the energetic flow through the HEF, health is restored. Often times people experience a shift in consciousness leading to a greater awareness of how they perceive their world. They feel a sense of peace and tranquility.  

Energy healing simultaneously affects all aspects of life:
  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual!

  Energy of the human body will be the secret for longevity and              healing....More than anything that you have today. 
                               - Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carroll - August 2017