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Balancing 4 Life
                                  is about providing energetic healing solutions to support your well-being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Over 95% of today's illnesses and diseases are the result of prolonged exposure to stress.  You can improve your overall well-being by removing the physical, mental and emotional effects of daily stress which penetrate energy layers surrounding your body before becoming manifest as physical symptoms.     
      Pain, illness and/or dis-ease are physical indications of an energetic imbalance.     
This imbalance is caused by experiences, thoughts and limiting beliefs which remain held within our bodies as a negative charge. When you treat the imbalance in the energy field, you release the negative charge.  Physical symptoms will clear naturally because you are restoring the subtle, natural flow of life force energy to the effected areas. 
                                     Energy healing is paramount to physical health!

The Human Energy Field (HEF) - Integral to your Biology!

Science and quantum physics now acknowledge the existence of a human energy field (HEF) which surrounds and permeates the human body. Energy centers called chakras in the HEF support the health of our endocrine system, the nervous system, internal organs and associated glands. Life’s daily stresses can easily imbalance these energy centers, causing them to become restricted thus diminishing the flow of life force energy through and around the body. True health according to Asian medical teachings requires harmony within these subtle bodies of energy to support the health of the physical body. Alignment and balance of these energy centers restores proper flow of energy through your body to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

                     Energy medicine is complementary to traditional medical care!

Energy Healing - Resonating with healthy cellular vibrations      
​         The goal of all energy healing techniques is to re-balance the human energy field
                     and facilitate the physical body’s own ability to heal itself. 

Vibration is at the heart of all creation. Energy healing utilizes the Universal Energy of creation which is love. Energy healing draws on this pure, high vibrational frequency and makes it available for you. Through the use of a gentle, light or near-body touch, energy healing invites areas of imbalance to come into resonance or harmony with this vibration. A deep relaxation response enables your body to clear, balance and re-energize the human energy system to support your well-being. By eliminating low vibrational energies blocking the energetic flow through the HEF, health is restored.  Often times people experience a shift in consciousness leading to a greater awareness of how they perceive their world. They feel a sense of peace and tranquility.  

                          Energy healing simultaneously affects all aspects of life
                                 physical, emotional, mental and spiritual!

 "Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body."
      Professor Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University 

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                               Healing Services available in:  Armonk and Eastchester
Discover a Better Way of Being
Energy Healing to Support Your Well-Being
Physical      ~     Emotional     ~      Mental      ~     Spiritual
Ann Bentzen - Balancing 4 Life, Westchester County, NY
 Stay Balanced - Give the Gift of Reiki 

    You have an opportunity to make powerful choices to improve your health, lifestyle and well-being. The power of choice is yours!  2016 has been a year to move forward boldly knowing that each of us has the power to make choices that will support us and bring us happiness, peace and well-being. 2017 will be an excellent opportunity for opening to new potential. Do you know a relative or friend who could really use some Reiki right now??

   It is very important to stay balanced without reacting all the extreme volatility of energy and information, fearful or disturbing headlines in the media, etc. These are all forms of stress which we are exposed to in our environment on a daily basis.  Learning how to remain anchored and balanced so that you can respond with thoughtful choices that serve you best is the key.

    Energy healing offers you a space to discover your personal integrity, find harmony and wholeness within. Reiki helps you focus on positive possibilities through opening the heart with gratitude.  Revelations are available for everyone through new perspectives when we release old judgments and old stories.
​  Reiki can help you discover the keys to your inner happiness.
Learn what heart-centered living means through Reiki. Discover
peace and joy from living from your heart space!
Energy Healing in Eastchester, NY

Your body is a mirror of your emotional well-being.
     It never lies. Your body is intelligent! What is it telling you?
                          What are you telling your body? 
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GIVE the Gift of Reiki for the Holidays 
to a friend or relative.

Healing Circles for 2017
Moving to Katonah 
Tuesday, Feb. 28th
  7 - 9 pm at KatonahSPACE
Discover extraordinary support in a group healing experience at monthly Reiki healing circles.

Monthly healing circles are opportunities for anyone to come experience the powerful, holistic properties of energy healing. All ages welcome. No experience is necessary. Whether a first timer or a Reiki practitioner, these healing circles are an opportunity to receive, give and learn more about the nature of our body’s own amazing self-healing mechanisms which are facilitated by energy healing. Healing circles are also a wonderful way for Reiki practitioners to improve their sensitivity to energy. Multiple massage tables are be set-up for 20 minute treatment sessions in a group setting. Weather permitting, summer circles will be held outdoors! Anne Bentzen, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Jikiden Reiki practitioner, will host the healing circle.
Advanced registration required.                               Location:  KatonahSpace (Fellowship Hall Bldg)
•Minimum 4 people!! Maximum spaces: 18                                 44 Edgemont Rd., Katonah, NY 10536
                                                                                                        (behind Katonah Methodist Church)
REGISTER: Call/text Anne at 914-588-4079    Time: 7 - 9 pm  Donation appreciated: $20 adults

  Last Chance to Join!!  March 5th


Are you ready to advance you ability to channel Reiki for yourself and others?
 The Reiki Master Class is for the serious student who is seeking to advance their skills.  You will receive the Reiki Master symbol for the purpose of teaching Reiki and/or to magnify all other symbol use during treatments. You are not required to teach Reiki as a Reiki Master!  This is your personal journey.  Do you desire to discern the deep healing needs from the energy signals they receive while working with clients?  Are you passionate about the ability of Reiki to support healing and restore balance and well-being naturally?  Do you wish to begin your own Reiki practice?

Class is limited to 5 students. Tuition is $700.This is a 33 hr. course culminating in June 2017.
Includes 5 monthly or bimonthly study sessions and in depth discussions regarding healing
 in Armonk beginning in January.  Each student will have student teaching experiences for Reiki 1 and 2,  receive the Master Reiki symbol and a Reiki Master manual.  Everyone will have ample time to learn and practice the attunement process if they wish to teach Reiki.  You will
be well prepared to service the needs of your clients at a deeper level or begin your own Reiki practice.                              
 Email Anne to register now