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Welcome to Balancing 4 Life. a restorative wellness center, designed to offer alternative, drug-free, non-invasive support for your health and well-being.  Discover natural healing modalities which facilitate your body’s ability to heal and restore inner harmony from many physical, mental/emotional symptoms caused by stress.

  What are your issues?

  • pain and inflammation  
  • post surgical healing
  • arthritis, migraines, insomnia
  • poor immunity
  • balance and tremor issues
  • side effects from medications  
  • mental/emotional imbalance with anxiety depression, PTSD,  grief, brain fog
  • infertility or desire for a more easeful pregnancy and childbirth experience?                                              

Rebalancing your energy is essential to restoring your health and well-being. Achieve relief from your issues with the restorative healing of Reiki physical treatments.  Bemer Therapy is available as a physical vascular therapy to improve O2 blood flow and optimize your body’s performance and ability to manage daily stressors.  Combining Reiki and BEMER brings a new level of possibilties to your healing while addressing the roots of your dis-ease.

Additional services offered through Balancing 4 Life including personal energy mastery and management and  learning new perspectives for envisioning a future that will bring you more joy. you.  Complementary energetic counseling during every private Reiki session will support your ability to create your best life.  Learn Reiki here!   Our programs will help you discover a new sense of inner harmony, better health and well-being naturally.

Anne Bentzen, Owner Balancing 4 Life, LLC   Jikiden Reiki teacher, practitioner, energetic counselor and healer

Shihankaku Anne Bentzen Jikiden Reiki Institute

  A Restorative Wellness Center

Our services include private Reiki treatments, classes and special Reiki events for students. as well as monthly sound baths, intuitive readings, energy counselling, new programs to develop greater empowered living and products to support your wellness. Our Center also supports independent practitioners offering their wellness services.  

Anne Bentzen is an independent BEMER distributor center offering Bemer treatment sessions for physical vascular care to improve your health and wellness.  BEMER’s patented pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) safely increases oxygenated blood flow to healthy muscles and organs for improved health naturally.  BEMER is FDA registered as a medical device and provides a cascade of health benefits for all ages.

Check back often or join our mailing list to get the latest news on new health and wellness practitioners who are passionate about sharing their expertise with the community at Balancing 4 Life, LLC.   I look forward to seeing you soon.

Anne Bentzen, Owner

   Your Independent BEMER distributor

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Harmony of Heart and Mind -Kokoro

 The foundation of Balancing 4 Life is Jikiden Reiki, an original healing method from Japan used for restoring harmony of heart, mind and body following exposure to trauma, emotional or mental stress.

Reiki enhances the flow of vital energy to improve your health.  Discover drug-free relief from stress, inflammation and pain while stimulating your immune system at the cellular level.   


Balancing 4 Life assist you in overcoming stress and supports you to free yourself from stress’s debilitating effects on your heart, mind and body. We live in a polarized world of judgments and defined structures.  We must transform our resistance to change, old limiting patterns and the associated fear of the unknown.  The programs at Balancing 4 Life are designed to help you see the infinite potentials of your future and to realize that you have the power to create as you take responsibility for your own energy.  Reiki is transformative for every aspect of your being.

Energy healing restores internal harmony helping the heart, mind and body to heal naturally by releasing toxins created by stress.  As you gain conscious awareness of your personal energy and the energetic effects of your outer environments, you will learn strategies for greater personal well-being.

Balancing 4 Life offers the many benefits of Jikiden Reiki , the original practice from Japan, along with energetic counseling and other wellness services by associate practiioners to restore your ability to create joy and to live an empowered life.




Reiki is a powerful, yet simple, Japanese intuitive healing art of hands-on healing for the relief of stress. This method rebalances your health and promotes your well-being primarily through physical treatment and promotes your spiritual growth.

It is easy for anyone to learn. Both the receiver and giver benefit from the channeling of healing energy. The training process of Jikiden Reiki is always taught in-person and never online.

I would highly recommend this training for personal and possibly working in the teaching realm of alternative or complementary medicines. Anne Bentzen is an inspiration.

Y. Ramirez

I appreciate that Anne wants everyone to feel comfortable giving Reiki to self and others. She is patient and teaches her students to be patient.  She definitely embodies Reiki.  Thank you.”

H. Perlow

Discover the "Gokai"

5 Reiki Principles of Spiritual Medicine

Learn to live in the present moment without anger or worry. Move the energy of your thoughts to your heart space to improve your health and well-being.

 Are you ready to let go and embrace a new level of freedom? 

It's time for a change!! 


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Home Visit healing sessions available upon request for severely ill clients. 

Wellness Center Location:

Suite 101 (second floor), 25 Broadway, Pleasantville, NY 10570



Reiki is taught regularly at the home office in Pleasantville.   A longer retreat experience over 2.5 days is available at Holmes Camp, Denton Road, Holmes, NY in the fall.

Reiki is taught at the home office in Pleasantville and as a longer retreat once a year at Holmes Camp, Denton Road, Holmes, NY


Pre-Registration required​. Early Bird Pricing available as listed. Class payments are preferred in advance by check. No Refunds. Credit is given towards future classes.

Healing Session Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Please be courteous. Thank you.

Privacy Policy: Strict confidentiality is maintained for all clients